Are these fake + World Champ cards

Got these in with a job lot of card. I NEVER normally buy job lots of cards from private sellers but thought I’d take a chance on this job lot and I could be regretting it.

There Japanese and as you can see the whole card is holo except from the main picture.

Are these worth anything? 2006 World Championship. Non are holo.


No and No. They are all real. The first were released around the neo time frame. I remember seeing them towards the end of pokemon’s massive success in the U.S.

The other 6 cards are from World Championship decks. They have the illustrations of the actual cards but are not legal for play, have the signature of the winner and the back is not the standard back.

Thanks Smpratte.

Do you know a rough value of any of them?

The lugia is probably the most valuable. The holos are under $10 a piece. The entei and piachu are under $5.

The blastoise was my first card I ever sold, and it went for $10 but that was a long time ago.

Thanks again.

If I was too put all 6 2006 championship one’s on eBay, what would be a fair buy it now price?

I might keep them yet but I’m not sure as they don’t really fit into my personal collection.

The seller I bought them off in the job lot, didn’t mention anything about them so I had no idea they were included.

You can check on ebay what they are currently up for and decide a bulk price! I don;t want to quote anything because my perception of their value is from 2007 :confused:

I’m looking on UK/USA eBay at the moment but there doesn’t seem to be any on. Unless I’m missing them.

There’s a PSA 10 Blastoise for $199 and PSA 9 Mew for $130 but that’s about it.

If you could just give me a buy it now price you think is fair that would be great, even if it’s a wild guess as I’m clueless with these.

I would not really know. The blastoise psa is outrageous. That is Ed, a great guy who slaps what the hell prices on everything.

If you wanted them to go quick probably $80 bin. I am just trying to average each out. If you find the regular versions of these cards average those prices and then cut off a good 30%.

$80 seems a good price although I’m not in a rush to sell them. I might try $99 BIN and see how it goes although I’ll wait for some more valuations on here first.

Thanks for your price guide Smpratte, much appreciated.

Hmm, If I decide not to keep them I might just put all 6 on with $1 start, that way the bidders that decide the price unless anyone else can give me a BIN price on here :blush:

Dj is correct. The only one that is difficult to obtain is the lugia blastoise 2006 one.

And again this is a quote from 2007 but it was $99 then, I have no idea what it is now.

So the Lugia and Blastoise ones are worth more than the others?

When I was purchasing them they were, let me do a quick search and look around.

I found a site with all the decks for $79.99, which would average for $20 each. Each pack has multiples. The lugia blastoise has 3 blastoise and 2 lugia.

I would just list them and see how it goes. A lot of ebay and life in general is trial and error.

Thanks for your help Smpratte.

I put the 6x WC06 cards on eBay and they sold for just over £30/$50.

wow…people will truly buy anything. That’s great for you though!

I have a feeling once they recieve them they will complain that there not holo.

Title of the auction clearly said WC06 and I have in massive bold letters World Championship 2006! in the description.

Where would I stand if they complain there not holo?

As long as you had a photo of the exact cards they are receiving and you provided the correct information you will be fine. If you allowed a time frame for returns you will have to honor it.

Yeah, photo I took myself of the exact 6 cards. I have no returns accepted.

Title is ‘6 Rare EX Pokemon Cards Inc Lugia EX Blastoise EX WC06’

In the description it states ‘6 Rare (white star) EX Pokemon Cards from the 2006 World Championships!’.

@becky - You should be perfectly alright :blush:

If they do complain, it is their own fault because they didn’t read the description properly x)