Anyone have experience shipping jumbo cards?

I’ve never sold one before and I am wondering how to sell this without losing all my money on shipping. Second question is how do I store these cards when I do ship them? The top loaders that fit these cards are like a dollar each on amazon. Does anyone know a good place to buy top loaders in bulk? Thanks for your all your help :blush:

What I used to do:
I place jumbo cards between two thin but sturdy cardboards, and then ship it in a USPS Bubble Mailer #0.
What I do now:
Place jumbo cards in the jumbo topolader, send with USPS Bubble Mailer #0.

Check out E-bay or Ultra Pro: for Jumbo Toploaders.
If you’re selling on e-bay you should add shipping cost of around 3 USD (Ebay shipping gets a discount). Thats how much it costs to send 1-5 jumbo cards within the U.S. I don’t ship outside the U.S. because its too risky and also the price varies depending on country.

Thats what I got in terms of selling Jumbo cards… I usually don’t sell Jumbo cards so I can’t say much

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Paying $1 per toploader for the 6x9” seems like a good deal to me (only because being Australian means I get hosed on these, they end up costing me around $3-4au each.

The method I would use, to ensure they arrive safely is;

Jumbo > 6x9” toploader sleeve (BCW I recommend) > 6x9” toploader > Post it tab over the top to seal it in > stiff cardboard either side > cling wrap over > bubble mailer.

It seems ridiculous, but the amount of times I’ve bought Jumbos that have come completely damaged is disproportionate to regular cards because people don’t ship them securely.

Jumbo toploaders are pretty sturdy and good as above said.

Maybe some cardboard as well in a bubble mailer is generally ok.

If you can’t find toploaders, go to your local comic book store. I have had excellent results packaging jumbos with the comic book backing boards and bags. They provide decent rigidity, you can use more than one, and they won’t crease if the package is rolled or crimped a bit. you can package the boarded cards in additional cardboard, and put that in bubble packaging.


I think this would be solid advice as well =)

Thanks everyone for all the amazing relpies! I’ve been reading the boards for a while but this is my first time posting and its been a great experience haha 10/10 would post again. So basically its not worth selling a jumbo zoroark because theyre selling for 2 bucks right now. Im losing money at 2 bucks.