Any idea on which Illustrators will be at Worlds?

Hi guys!

Anyone who has seen my latest collection updates knows I have thing for autographed cards :blush: .Because I will be flying to Worlds I would have to prepare in advance if I’m gonna get a few cards signed but because I have no idea who is showing up I have no idea what to bring. Based on previous experiences… Who has shown up to sign cards?

Should I bring about 5 cards for 3-4 illustrators that are the most popular ones?



I will be there and be honored to sign your MINT Condition 1st edition base set charizard that is PSA 10 grade worthy. Please note, I only sign on the card with a sharp felt tip pen.


@smpratte usually buys all the illustrators. So good luck :wink:

In all seriousness, usually sugimori but besides him… You might wanna bring a binder with a few cards.


Please bring an extra sugimori’s charizard for me just in case he is there. :heart_eyes:

Thanks man, that’s who I’m hoping for. Although I told Arita last weekend that one day I would have either base, jungle or fossil fully autographed by him lol (only his cards of course lol).

I can’t remember the last time Sugimori appeared at worlds. Typically its the president of Pokemon, and sometimes an illustrator. Either way the lines are Dumb long. Like 3 hours wait long.

omg :slightly_frowning_face: 3 hours? I’ve been spoiled with Arita here in FL ;( I would just hate getting there and end up not having a card for the illustrator they have lol.