Getting your Pokemon Cards Signed By Mitsuhiro Arita


Interested in getting a few cards signed by Mitsuhiro Arita (or another original 1999-2002 Pokemon Illustrator)

Let me know if you have gotten any cards signed before, and how you did it/ any advice for someone who wants to get some cards signed.

Anything to do with the process, difficulties, trust worthy people who helped you get cards signed before, and anything else of note,

And I’d like to get them signed without having to fly to japan :blush:


Note: I am aware he lives in Japan and his signatures are hard to come by, so if we can avoid a bunch of post like “Good luck with that!” or “you’d better fly to japan” or “hahah, you better wish for something else!” Id appreciate it :blush:

(Of course having said that ill likely get those post ahh well) :neutral_face:

I think the huge influx of signatures from Arita was due to him attending an event in Europe where he did A LOT of signing. I remember someone here specifically asking for orders for his signature a couple months in advance.

I know that doesn’t really help you get a new one but I thought you’d like to know why there was a sudden burst in signed cards from him.

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He regularly attends a small comicon in Ocala FL just an hour from me. I had 2 cards signed this year. He charged $15 per card for a classic signature. $5 per card for personalized messages (not his signature).


As someone who collects his signed cards, I last saw him in FL in May. He mentioned he didn’t have plans to return to the states this year. Of course, that can change but my advice is to stay current in the forum, both times I got to meet him was thanks to someone mentioning it here but keep in mind you might have to wait till next year. Also, I know some members here get help from other members who are visiting whatever city he is in so again, my advice is to stay active/current here on E4… You never know if someone is willing to help you out next time he visits their country.

Hi mate! Thanks for the info, was their a limit to how many cards each individual could get signed? Also when he draws a little pikachu or charizard on the card is that extra? Did you have to reserve a spot at the event/line in advance?

Thanks for the info mate! yeah I check his website and their wasn’t any update for future events as of yet, do you know how far in advance he plans his events?

Would you recommend any members here that attend his conventions regularly and are trustworthy :blush: ?

He’s actually pretty good at updating it so I think he hasn’t changed his mind for this year. Any member here should be trustworthy, the moment they do shady shit make sure one of the admins knows. Keep in mind, we are not allowed to sell on the forum but if you know of anyone attending any of his future events (which again you will probably hear about it here) message the person and ask them politely if they can work something out with you so you can get at least a card signed. Earlier this year I think @hazard24 helped members get stuff autographed in Italy but it was a crazy busy event. I personally wouldn’t have dealt well with the amount of stress lol.

I do not believe there was a limit, but I could be wrong. I saw people walking up with 2-3 dozen cards to get signed, so at least that many were allowed.

As for the sketches, as far as I know, it didn’t cost extra. But Im not positive.

Its a small comicon, so people just formed a line. No advance reservations that I saw.

This is what I came home with when I went to the Ocala Comicon earlier this year.
Art was from his live demonstration. Definitely going to try and keep going if he comes back!


We charged 2.5€ per signature for the ones present at the comicon, I think 5-10€ per card for the via mail service.
You could have max 20 cards signed iirc, but you could do another 3hours queue to get other cards signed.

Read the article for sketch prices.

He will come back to Italy one day soon, I will make a thread on here when will be that day.

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Ahh! Thanks for the info,

Is that common for event organizers to offer mail service for those living in other countries/cities to get cards signed?

Did you buy that?! I was there as well and hoped he was painting a charizard xD

@poke1stedition I went to 2 comic cons this year where he was doing signings (Collective Con - Jacksonville, FL and Ocala Comic Con - Ocala, FL). I also helped people from this forum and facebook get cards signed at both events so that was extremely fun holding up the line at both events :ninja:

Prices (Cash Only) were the same for both events (WAY more expensive than the Italy one!)

$5 Signed and Personalized
$10 Signed and Personalized with Mini Sketch
$15 Signed
$20 Signed with Mini Sketch

Sketches prices ranged from $50 - $400
$50 was the smallest size paper with half body sketch whereas the $400 was the largest size paper with full body sketch fully colored.

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Glad you were able to answer all the questions! :relieved:
Yeah I did buy it! ;D

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Wow! Im getting a lot of good information from everyone here Thanks people!

Those little Pikachu holding a trophy card sketches as shown in one picture on the right hand side of the screen on that little E4 IG thingy :blush:

are those considered Sketches, so the prices for those would range from 50-400?

Your pricing is a little odd though… you say $10 and than $20 for signed and personalized with mini Sketch? could you expand a little there?

Woops lol I copied and pasted more than I should have :blush: Fixed it!
I’m not sure how much those were done for tbh. @mkpokecc might be able to tell you the exact prices for those.

Haha very nice!! I wished he was given more time since he started late :slightly_frowning_face: I feel like he was being rushed at the end.

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I’m new to Efour, you mentioned you fixed it? where do I look to see the fixed prices lol?


I fixed it in my original post :blush:

the only thing I changed was the $20 one (Removed Personalized).

Getting your cards Personalized, i.e. To: “insert name here”, were cheaper since flipping them are a lot more difficult.

Also you may want to bookmark this site


He’s at the brave and bold event in Tokyo at the end of November, shame I’ll miss it I’m in Tokyo a few weeks later!! Im not sure if he is going to be doing any signings though. Any japanese based e4 members going to this one?