Any hunters on the forum?

Hey guys! I’m getting excited to go pheasant hunting Saturday! In Iowa pheasant season always opens the last Saturday in October. Im curious if there are any other hunters on efour?

Collecting Pokémon cards is by far my passion and my favorite hobby, but I also love to hunt and fish when I can!


I’ve not had the time to very often at all in recent years, but I’m a lifetime license holder in NY and enjoy whitetail hunting and bass fishing. One of these days I’ll own some acreage of my own that I can hopefully do both on.

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I love bass fishing myself, definitely my favorite fish to catch! Did a few tournaments in my younger days. Do they have rifle season for deer in NY?

They didn’t use to but since a change several years ago now almost the entire state has at least part of the season you can hunt with rifles though certain zones still don’t allow it. I haven’t kept real up to date on the recent rule/regulation changes in recent years though.

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topical i guess (here in the uk)

i guess i understand if it’s for food, i can’t understand the sort of people who kill for “sport” and post photos of them grinning with a dead animal for likes. eg. the goat killer on the news atm:

pretty horrific.


After posting I thought this might of been to sensitive of a topic for the forum, so I apologize. Did not mean to trigger anyone.

I don’t believe in wasting meat either. Waste not, want not

Here in Iowa there is great hunting! But the only hunting I do would be chasing skunks and coons off the farm.

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Honestly, as someone who strongly believes in animal rights I’m pretty shocked that this is being brought up on a Pokémon card forum and a place I like to relax and scroll through. I actually can’t believe that you thought it would be alright creating a discussion about this here. Surely there’s others forums where you can share your excitement of killing things?


Did not mean to offend. Hope you’re having a great day :blush:

It’s ok I was just shocked to see this here.

Oh yeah! Deer hunting is my passion. Live in Oregon so I hunt all the time!


This thread isn’t breaking any rules. There are benign informal threads like this all the time. It’s a genuine question for people who live in rural areas. Not sure where in nature animals don’t hunt.


You do realize that you play a game that glorifies the capturing and enslavement of animals for human entertainment lol?


Just don’t open the one thread that says hunters in the title.


I really want everyone that hunts to be hunted and eaten one day. Maybe by a bear or something, it’s for eating purposes so it should be fine.



I don’t right now but I love firearms (kind of hard when you live in communist New Jersey and you’re not of age but I have been to the range once so :stuck_out_tongue:). I kind of want to get into it when I’m older. Seems like a fun hobby. One of my friends just got back from a hunting trip and he said it was a lot of fun.

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You should! Hunters are great for wildlife conservation! Without hunting animals would over populate and die off. Plus all the funds from hunting licenses go to conservation to help our wetlands and wooded areas.


I’m interested to know… Do most people who fish classify it as hunting?
We go fishing every summer for a day… but I get bored fast… xD

Moose season just opened here… So heaps of people are going to try their luck