another question

Sorry hate having to do this but when you’ve only just resumed something it’s a given, anyway this is probably a dumb/easy question but hehe, here it is

this pokemon tamakushi deck

more info please , Price too if possible,


me neither lol no idea

oh ye realised I didn’t post a pic lemme get one ;p

Lol, why does it remind me of some of the fake Chinese cards I found recently, they had weird names like yadoking and stuff all over the pokemon cards. The packaging looks over glossy and fainted.

I’m sure the big guys will know what it is.

hopefully, it’s a shame if it looks fake it looks ok

It’s a japanese-exclusive deck, you can find all information here !

Sealed, it worth 20$ max …

thank you!

looks nice though mite still buy one, dunno

They are worth around $10-15. It is also spelled “Tamamushi.” :blush:

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thank you :blush:

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they do sell for less on eBay…I am selling one right now on eBay (starting bid 7.99) if interested.

It’s actually “Tamamushi” (edit: I see Soulwind has already pointed this out.)

The decks are actually quite difficult to find in Japan nowadays (hence the high prices). :sob:

That’s because tens of thousands of these were shipped overseas and now sit in the garages of fleaBay moms who bought way too many of them back in the 1990s. :rofl:

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More like feebay;)

only went by what the listing said it was;P