Ami Ami questions on boxes and stuff help :D

so erm… what is dis -

CP5. Similar to PokeKyun and the Kira Collection.

hmmms why there be all deese shiny collection coming out, isnt dis one ( april mid that i ordered ) also shining holo on all cards.

Yes it is, only it is 131 cards plus 9 energy.

CP5 will be a smaller set.

Check the twitter.
CP5 is the one with Volcanion.

Volcanion is going to be in XY11.

CP5 is all legendaries.

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But volcanion is a legendary?

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I see two people who maybe haven’t read properly. I never said Volcanion wasn’t going to be in CP5, just that it featured as a main card in XY11.

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I see one person who feels the need to start drama, for the sake of starting drama.
I simply said CP5 had Volcanion on the twitter. That’s it, that’s all.

You are correct that XY11 also has Volcanion. Now please drop it. :blush:

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We want drama
We want drama
We want drama
We want drama


Drop what exactly? You’re not a mod anymore, don’t tell me what to do.

@ozenigma - I don’t think Michael was trying to tell you what to do, I think he was just trying to avoid an argument over something so trivial.

Also more on topic. Volcanion is a badass legendary, can’t wait to see if we get some quality cards out of it.


i wonder what other full arts will be in these sets.

I still have 6 boxes on order lol. Wondering if I should just cancel.

of cp5? or of premium champions… If so either way, These cards might sell like hot cakes if they have some pokemon errybody loves.

Premium champion yeah. Thats what I hope. Idk

Hmmms hoping for some awesome legendaries. There going to be fun to pull on birthday. xD

Hope the legendaries look really awesome.

id definitely keep them man, japanese hasnt had 10 cards per pack for ages. Gonna be super fun. :heart_eyes:

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Is there any info on what cards are in it?

A lot of reprints;

Rayquaza EX
M Rayquaza EX
Shaymin EX

As notable examples.

Some new cards, unsure how many are new. 131 cards in the set plus energy.

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