Also the newb

I just wanted to also introduce myself to this community before I continue on posting everywhere. It seems quite rude l3

I am on this amazing journey with my friends for all five of us to get every single card art for every single pokemon in the pokedex. Some of us have finished, some of us are painfully behind. We all lack jobs and some of us still attend college, so it has been a painfully grueling task.

We really hope to show this community part of our hard work, but we are trying to find the best way to showcase it since the dex is split up amongst 5 people. One of the other members on this journey with me is silverishess :3 Who also lingers on these forums as of today (She finished Charizard…lucky girl).

Who knows? Maybe we’ll obtain this goal and get into the giant book of people with no lives- or something.

Wish us luck!

That is pretty cool, welcome to the site! So do you collect every illustration of every pokemon the dex? That is something I do, but under the larger goal of getting every card :blush:

But I like that mentality of getting each illustration, it makes for a good adventure!

Thank you and yes, every illustration (within reason). There are just some cards we simply can’t come across: like the Pokemon SNAP winner’s cards, the parent/child tournament Kangaskhan, or the create a card winner cards (most of them).

If we can FIND these mysterious cards, we’ll add them to the collection, but for now they are just too rare and elusive to even consider…

That must be hard to get EVERY single card though. Sometimes finding the reverse foil or the stamped can become very laboring.

If you have ANY insight on the cards I mentioned above, please please let me know.

Hello hello.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do… Get one of every card art? (so don’t bother with reprints but will collect alternate art versions?)

That said, it’s always nice to have new people on :blush:

Yes, very close. Like if I were collecting Vaporeon (who is finished btw) then I would get the holo or non holo jungle, I don’t have to get both and it can be english or japanese.

however, like Pikachu (who is ALSO mine) I would get base set, red cheek, and the new reprint, but not legends collection or base set two.

does that make sense? :3

Viper- Yeah, like EEVEE. Yeah some people are even collecting specific artists along with this big collection (I’m Kagemaru Himeno). O.@ I’d love to show you all a picture.

That is awsome I am the same way. If the card is released in english I just get the english version usually, maybe eventually I will get both, but I have always just tried to get all the illustrations, and hate the reprints (great raichu).

I think it is great that you collect the illustrations and you should shoot for the snap cards :blush: I think pikachu would be the most difficult to complete (pika trophy’s english and japanese, illustrator). I have the mewtwo illustrations complete :blush: :blush:

Once I get pokemon scramble mewtwo- I am DONE with him! As for Pikachu we are NOT including trainer cards *does a happy dance* Because trainer cards are so hard to come by. NOW for Kagemaru, I am getting her trainer cards (underground expedition, Apricorn Maker, Desert Shaman) Yeah Pikachu I think we counted has 79 cards. *shudder* but I am down to 20!

You should go after the trainers! For me one of my favorite illustrations is the Secret Super Battle trainer. I wish they would make that illustration of mewtwo as a species card.

So at the mention of that I heard a thousand puppies cry and my entire team pointed their sharpest objects at themselves.

we’ve been trading away our rare trainers to get rare cards we need…ooh the backtracking…the backtracking *shudder*

Lol don’t listen to him; it sucks you in! Now I’m considered a serious collector… And have a much lighter wallet! :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha Good join the dark side :sunglasses: I need a more menacing face :blush:

But being a serious collector is awsome, the money part is of course the only deficit!