advice on which to sell?

I have had a small financial crisis which has led me to have to reluctantly sell one of my cards :slightly_frowning_face: there are two cards i am trying to choose from one being a PSA 7 shadowless charizard and a psa 9 shadowless blastoise. My question is which is the best one to keep as an investment perspective? Im really struggling to decide and think some outside opinions may help me have more confidence in the decision i make. any advice will be much appreciated, thanks in advance :grin:

Sell Blastoise!

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Personally, I would sell the Blastoise

While the Blastoise is a better-grade; Charizard has a wider audience!

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the blastoise was my gut feeling too especially when comparing to how the 1st edition base prices have gone with a psa 7 1st ed zard out pricing the psa 9 1st edition blastoise

Depends on how much you need?

I would sell the Charizard. Probably easier to rebuy later on and sell now. Blastoise is the better grade and hopefully should get a higher price in the future.

Get yourself one of these bad boys


i need £350

hmmm thats my predicament that over time the blastoise will mature as it is alot more scarce compared to a psa 7 charizard and still a very popular character. its popularity vs scarcity and with the shadowless 10 blastoise being extremely scarce and hardly ever available the 9 may be pritty much the best grade available over time, but again charizards always seem to have such a strong market that the demmand out weights the scarcity of a shadowless blastoise. ahh dammit still in two minds in which card to part from

haha…i actually have a couple of 8s alrerady :stuck_out_tongue: so i guess i wouldnt fully miss out. I just dont want to be kicking myself down the line by selling the card which will hold the most future value out of the two, of course nobody can tell me for sure which one will hold the most value in the future bt its a decision i cannot make off my own back without some other peoples perspectives on the matter

They’re both worth the same($400 USD or so), it’s up to you really. I don’t really see either card outpacing the other by very much.

They’re also right around the same population(215 PSA 9 Blastoise and 180 PSA 7 Charizard) so it’s false to say Charizard even in PSA 7 is less scarce than the Blastoise.

My gut feeling says the 9s are underpriced, but it’s been that way forever with Shadowless cards and Blastoise almost doubled in price recently, so I don’t expect much growth any time soon. It might be $500-600 short term and $1000+ on the long run and I’d expect the same with a PSA 7 Shadowless Charizard.

I’d hang on to them both and work a little overtime;) If I had to pick though, I’d sell the Charizard.

I would sell the charizard

I can imagine rich guys someday competing for a psa 9 shadowless blastoise because psa 10 is so damn scarce and they’re sick of waiting

Can’t imagine the same happening for psa 7 zard