WTB base set Charizard + Blastoise PSA 8 or above

Hi all, looking to buy base set Charizard or Blastoise in PSA 8 or above.
I have around £2000 (English pounds) to spend and would like to see what that could get me given the market being so crazy at the moment.
I’m after psa slabs but could look at raw cards, if anyone has any Shadowless cards I’d be interested too!


Ill get back to you in a month:) Just sent in the big 3 starters on a 5 day bgs sub if your interested all easy 9s plus a shadowless mewtwo could be a 9 also

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I have a psa 8 shadowless blastoise based in uk


my subs grades return today so Ill let you know

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I have a base unlimited blastoise PSA 9 available

Since buy threads require prices here, what are you paying for PSA 8 and 9 chars?


Watching eBay sold prices at the moment I’m hoping to pay £1500 for a 9 and maybe £2000 for a 10?
I hope those prices are accurate

£2000 for a PSA 10 Base Charizard? You may want to check prices again if that is correct.


What price would you put on one in today’s market?


What seemed an achievable goal 1 year ago is probably never going to happen now :sweat_smile:

Even though we all know it will reach that in the future, the current market price is significantly lower.

£25K = $34k
Checking eBay Buy it Now I can see the following prices:
$20.6k (£15K) - www.ebay.com/itm/Charizard-Holo-PSA-10-Pokemon-1999-WotC-Unlimited-Base-Set/402625598524
$22k (with best offer) - www.ebay.com/itm/Charizard-Base-Set-PSA-10-1999-4-102-Gem-Mint/143871144884$23k (with best offer) - www.ebay.com/itm/Pokemon-Base-Set-Unlimited-Charizard-4-102-PSA-10-GEM-MINT/393122892908$21k (with best offer) - www.ebay.com/itm/PSA-10-Gem-Mint-Holo-Charizard-1999-Pokemon-Base-Set-Unlimited-4-102/114607843486

Also last sold on eBay exactly 1 month ago for just $11k (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Charizard-Base-set-Unlimited-PSA-10-WOTC-english-/254827552472)


Fair play I was just going off the last PWCC auction i was aware of where it sold for $30K

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I think I have a PSA 8 Blastoise somewhere in the cupboard - let me know if you have a price in mind for that

That was the peak lol. One sold for 15k recently.

I have an 8 blastoise and 9 charizard let me know what you’d pay.

When I DM’d, you countered with a trade. So there’s that