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unless you like problems.

kylevinson231986 bought my PSA 5 Charizard, bought it on Feb 11th waited till the 17th to pay. They asked me for additional pictures before paying which I refused and told them I don’t supply additional pictures and the item shouldn’t have been bought if they weren’t sure they wanted it, I didn’t say the second part but I thought it.

USPS delayed his international shipment and he leaves negative feedback on my account, refused to make a correction to the feedback after I messaged and explained that I’m not the post office; so I had to wait for it to be delivered before eBay would remove the negative.

Then he lists it up for auction, I assume this is why they wanted the pictures so he could try and presell it, and, according to his feedback, he told the buyer it was ‘sold’ when they didn’t get the price they wanted for it, and now I have a returned item case because the card ‘isn’t described correctly’.

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Eww, his sold listings has one of those “custom” 1st edition Charizards with the terrible new holo pattern. Seems like a real class act.

Blocked on all id’s and thanks


That story read like the antithesis of the Vince McMahon reaction meme. There must be some format out there for this but none that I am aware of.

Buyer takes 6 days to pay.
Asks for more photos after winning item.
Negative feedback for slow delivery by carrier.
Declines feedback revision.
eBay won’t remove feedback.
INAD return.

Hopefully it doesn’t escalate from there by him not returning the item or something. Idk if the format would have that many slides.


PSA 5 1st ed charizards just attract the worst buyers…


It’s almost like the grade equals the grade of their personality, if personality was gradeable.

*I don’t hold an elitist view on peoples collection nor do I care what people collect. If you’re insulted by the above statement because you collect lower grades, you don’t understand the issues me and PFM have had trying to sell PSA 5 1st ed charizards. However, if the statement rings true to you, and you collect lower grade cards, I don’t give a damn that you’re offended.*


Must be why I only have 10s :heart_eyes:

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theres always an outlier.


shade city… ugh.

The crazy thing is that these horrible custom cards actually sell! I have seen some get actual bids, which blows my mind! Something stupid like a custom pikachu art card actually has bidders and I have no idea why someone would want that. Disgusting…

I already gave this guy bad Ebay rep. I won one of his auction for the PSA 5 1st ed charizard and he promptly told me he had already sold it at his shop… I was pretty disappointed and upset… would’ve been my first 1st Edition Base Charizard I’ve ever owned and something I’ve been saving towards…