acebren's Wants - WoTC

Prices are in AUD and include postage, all prices are negotiable! All single cards need to be raw, thanks.

Trainer Deck A - $1250
Prerelease Clefable NM-M - $80
Lava Theme Deck Legendary Collection - $190
Base Set Charizard with 1999-2000 copyright NM+ - $175+
Base Set Brushfire Theme Deck (gold strip, shadowless) - $200
Base Set 2-Player Starter Set (gold strip, shadowless) - $200
1st Ed Ivy Pikachu Promo Mint - $90
Shadowless No Damage Ninetales NM+ - $650+, price depends on condition
Skyridge Crystal Charizard NM+ - $225
Skyridge Crystal Ho-oh Mint - $90
Neo Destiny 1st Ed Shining Charizard NM-M - $300+
Inverted WB Stamp Movie Promos - Price undecided, willing to talk.
Neo Revelation 1st Ed Ho-oh Mint - $50
1st Edition Base Set Booster Pack, Blastoise Artwork - $250
1st Edition Base Set Booster Pack, charizard Artwork - $250
Red Logo Fossil Booster Pack (all 3 artworks) - $175ea

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I offered a guy $800 for a mint no damage ninetales. He said it was way too low and didn’t want to negotiate. It was a beautiful card.

I’ve not had any luck with the Trainer Deck A either. There’s only the 1 PSA 10 Machamp, but it’s stuck in a set.

There’s definitely some people with those items on here though.

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yep ive got no hope for finding someone willing to part with a mint no damage ninetales, rusty hasnt even been able to do that.

Ebay completed listings show a NM copy go for $380 AUD, so I’m using that as my guide

updated prices on a few things, added some new wants and also crossed off some items i’ve obtained

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updated prices

@acebren, if you are opening it anyways… Not sure if you are though.

thanks for the thought buddy, but ill be keeping mine sealed