A Pokemon card I pulled is numbered/printed wrong

I pulled this card from a 151 Japanese pack. It is numbered 196/165 which should be Erika’s Invitation but the card character is actually Daisy’s Assistance (I believe). I dont read Japanese so I don’t know what the wording is. Like I said, I personally opened and pulled from a fresh pack so I dont believe it’s fake. How do I confirm and/or get this graded?

Thats korean script, not Japanese.


This is Korean, not Japanese.

Erika’s Assistance is 197/165 in the Korean set. 196/165 is Daisy’s Help.



Sounds like you may have purchased Korean by mistake. Unless you got this card mixed in with your Japanese cards?

The Korean and Japanese alphabets are different, so even if the sets contain the exact same cards, the Trainer cards are usually in a different order in their respective sets.


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