GX Battle Boost Lillie SR - Korean Release

Lillie full art from Battle Boost GX…in Korean. What’s the deal with it?

I bought a mint copy of this card middle of last year… basically by accident. My local card shop had a copy in the “random crap” binder and I picked it up for loose change (not exaggerating here), just because the colours were pretty stunning. Had a shock when I looked it up after getting home!

Not being a fan of the waifu stuff, or a Korean collector, I don’t actually know much about the card in terms of rarity or collectability…and haven’t been able to find much online either; only that the demand for the Japanese release is insanity.

Looking at PSA’s pop report, I’m guessing they don’t grade this language print at the moment too?

I’d imagine one of you Korean collector gurus out there on the boards might be able to shed some light, and I’d really appreciate a little help.

Assuming anyone actually collects modern Korean? :sweat_smile:

Not gonna tell you if you should collect and/or grade this card or not since we all know that’s a subjective opinion, but to give you some more information:

PSA started grading Pokémon cards outside English and Japanese generally since March 2021. (They only graded the WotC Base Set in other languages before that.) However, even after they started on March 2021, Korean FA Trainer cards can still be excluded because they claimed to “not having a reliable source for the card list”:

  1. Pokémon Korea doesn’t publish regular FA cards on their official card list until a month after set release.
  2. Pokémon Korea never publishes gold FA cards on their official card list.
  3. Bulbapedia - which PSA now refers as “reliable 3rd-party source” - assumes most Korean sets share the same set list as Japanese, and thus has no Korean set lists in most of the set pages.
  4. However, Korean sets can have the same set of Trainer cards as their Japanese counterparts but with different index numbers. This is due to Pokémon Korea sorting Trainer cards by Hangul while Japanese (and other Asian language) cards sorting by Kana. Therefore, PSA refuses to match Korean Trainer cards with Japanese lists.

Therefore, to submit a Korean FA to PSA successfully, you would either have to wait until March 2021 for early sets, or Pokémon Korea publishes the FA list for the recent sets in order to gain evidence for CRC. For gold Trainers, I’ve been rejected in the past, so not sure if PSA found some other way to gather evidence and start taking them in.

On the other hand, FA female Supporters being traded at extremely high prices AFAIK is only a thing in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. I don’t think we’ve seen similar trends in other marketplaces including Korea if that’s what affecting you to decide whether to collect or not.

Thanks very much for the reply!

I’ve not been particularly tempted to collect more Korean cards, but a better understanding of what I’ve got is always a win.

It’s the print size and desirability of GX Battle Boost to Korean collectors, that I’ve been most curious about, since I’ve gathered that it’s quite an expensive/popular set in Japanese, and Ultra Prism didn’t see a huge print run in English.