Battle Day Promos

I have been on the fence about pulling the trigger on the Extra Battle Day Lillie card with the price where its at around $2k, although I think the price is fairly justified considering the distribution. Just wondering if anyone had any opinions, I do see sold listings for for the current prices so I guess I am looking for confirmation more than anything :laughing:

Just in case: are you looking for the Lillie artwork or the Japanese Lillie card? If you just like the artwork and don’t mind the language: this card was also part of a Chinese set, which is a lot cheaper. Just an FYI in case you didn’t knew.

As for the 2k price, it seems reasonable for what it is in general. I don’t know exactly how many were produced, but probably ~100-300. Full Art Supporter cards, and especially waifu cards like Lillie, are pretty popular. I personally bought my Lillie for 1,600 USD when it was just released (it actually returned from PSA today as PSA-10 :blush: ). After I bought it, it dropped to around 700 USD before rising in price again to today’s price.

The recently sold prices on eBay also vary quite a bit. Here are the ones I see right now:

Anyway, those from May and April are irrelevant now, so let’s ignore those. The others vary between ~500-1200 USD for June, though. Of course, it’s now August, about 1.5 month after these have been sold, and prices are pretty crazy right now. But based on this I think 2k might still be a bit steep, and 1.25-1.75k would be a more realistic price imo. Just my 2c, although I definitely could be wrong.

Although it’s indeed true I can only find it for 2k+ USD on both eBay and Yahoo Japan right now.



PFM said this is a $60 card

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Just wait and see

It actually went as low as $300 on YJA around the time the Chinese set was released - the only reason I didn’t pick one up is because I thought my original 2009 Design Contest deal was going to go ahead at the end of 2019. A huge congratulations to you for getting all 3 back as PSA 10, you must be very happy about that!

That’s why I’ve been telling people in Charizard VMAX threads not to jump to buy the first ones which come to market as chances are there will be a slump just like we saw with these.


Great input everyone I appreciate it a lot. Informed my decision to try and hunt for it a bit more.

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This makes a lot of sense. The Chinese set one may be a good idea if I’d like to satisfy the itch for now. You’re awesome thank you.

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Ah, didn’t knew they went that low. Although the 700 was a pretty bad number, considering there are a 610, 560, and 520 USD sold listings in my list below that sentence, haha. :slightly_smiling_face: I just remembered they dropped to around 700 on eBay back then, but after I had send them to PSA I didn’t look at their prices anymore. Hmm, now that I think about it, due to the drop in prices at the right time, I didn’t had to spend any additional money for cards above a value of 500 USD on my PSA submission. :grin:


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Make sure not to spend too much on one of these. I’ve seen a lot of listings on eBay claiming that they have similar rarity to the Japanese ones, which is nonsense.

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Thank you for this, I checked the set released in China and it just looks like a normal Secret Rare Full art, so I will definitely be looking for one that doesnt have “battle day promo” in the title and is listed for $500 :laughing:

I’m proud owner of the Chinese Version when it came out.

I did not care about the rarity or to pay that price for the Extra Battle Day promo cards, but I did want to enjoy the art for my Lillie collection.

Same texturing as the Japanese version, only international card back. They are printed in Japan.

I think it’s great to have both options available.