Uncertain of authenticity

Found a seller for a First Edition Pryce’s Lapras in Japan that also happens to be PSA 10. He sent me this photo and the PSA label doesn’t show it’s FirstEdition despite the stamp. I recalled smpratte’s video of scammers that crack open PSA cases to place fraudulent cards. How should i proceed further and do you think it’s authentic? imgur.com/URo1nDx

Edit: Actually, I’m silly, i didn’t even bother looking up the PSA number. www.psacard.com/auctionprices/tcg-cards/2001-pokemon-japanese-vs/pryces-lapras/auction/847892/ looks legit and even has the FirstE on the bottom as well. weird it isnt tagged in the label tho

There are 2 versions of this card, the set version you have in your photo that has a 1st edition stamp and this version that is an unlimited promo, your versions was just mislabeled



The Japanese VS set was the first set in Japan to feature a first edition stamp, but an unlimited print run was never released. So labeling Japanese VS cards as “1st edition” is a bit pointless. The promotional Lapras posted above being the only exception, I think.

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  • to my knowledge, no one in pokemon has ever successfully “replaced” the card in the PSA case. It’s extremely obvious if a case was cracked and if someone were to cleanly separate the case, you need a big, specially designed sonic sealer to close it again

  • if it were possible, people would be swapping 1st ed charizards and not common Japanese set cards

  • PSA makes mistakes on the labels quite often. I’ve got a 1st ed zapdos labelled as shadowless, a neo genesis kingdra labelled as the nonholo neo revelation card, a natta wake pikachu labelled as the regular birthday pikachu etc etc…

tldr: the label is wrong, the card is fine