Another fake stamp?

Sure looks like it. It’s definitely not even remotely close to its correct position. *sigh* Come on, PSA. :slightly_frowning_face:

He acknowledges that the symbol is out of place in the description. Pretty sure I’ve seen this card around for a while.

Shows same card sold for $600 here

Same seller as before.


It’s the same one that’s been floating around. Someone should buy it and clear it off the market (return to PSA). Might make a bit of a profit too depending on where the auction ends

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I should’ve looked for the old thread first. Just saw the new label and assumed it was a new one.

How is it possible that a Card like that can be graded by PSA?.

I always thought that a PSA graded card was = 100% genuine Card.

So can PSA generally be trusted, when determining if Cards are genuine?

The card itself is genuine, the stamp is not…


Generally yes, but they’re human and humans make mistakes, they don’t have some magic machine that authenticates cards for them lol


That’s correct.

As far as 100%…there is no 100% except when the next big auction comes up I’ll be 2nd:(

Its ok Gary, we’re always here for you. Not matter how many auctions you come second in.

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