8/18/13 - PLAY Lugia & Ho-Oh ex

Two, in my mind, very sexy cards. Both rare, and very, very beautiful.
What’s their value opened? Sealed?Have you ever seen a sealed one? Am I the only person that thinks there are two of the nicest exes out there?
Who has a set in their collection?

The arts are very majestic haha

I have yet to see a sealed one of either. I assume they did not come individually sealed but in a pack with Jirachi ex.

I think I got my copies for $25 each. The artwork is alright but kinda weird IMO. Still preferable to the bad CGI Lugia and Ho-oh ex from Unseen Forces though.

The Lugia is an awesome card. I don’t have the Ho Oh but I am looking for one. Lugia is easily $50+ and Ho Oh can be $30+ when in mint condition. The Lugia is definantly my favorite ex ever!

I’ve got both Lugia and Ho-oh Ex in mint condition, but not sealed.
Never seen a sealed one though.

Two very beautiful cards.

I had the opportunity to buy them awhile back and regrettably gave it a pass. It wasn’t until months later when I realized how difficult these are to find in mint condition. Ah well, someday.

Someday is today my friend! It just so happens I have the pair for sale!

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BOSS CARDS :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: