Legend cards

So I took a look at some of the Legend Cards from HG&SS, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant and I think they are soo beautiful (much better than any FA or Ex Cards!).

What is the Price range for most of them? (always talking about the 2 cards together).

And I was also wondering how rare are they in terms of pull rates?

Thank you guys :blush:

If I recall correctly, pull rates on the legend pieces were 1-2 a box. I know I busted a box of Undaunted and saw that pull rate to be true.
Prices on them vary, especially by condition, but typically you can expect to pay between $11 and $18 for a complete legend. If you opt for a retail price point, you’ll see a little more for Ho-oh, Lugia and Rayquaza/Deoxys.

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They were done a bit different with JPN boxes. You could expect 1-2 complete LEGENDS per box (as opposed to 1-2 halves in an English box). In JPN packs with LEGEND cards, you would receive one in the slot of a Holo Rare and the corresponding half in the slot of your RH card. HG/SS generally yield 1 per box while later sets yield 2.

@funmonkey54 was spot on with prices. I wouldn’t pay more than $20 for any complete set.

English or Japanese?

Alright thanks a lot!
I was thinking of the Japanese versions… so prices shouldnt be more than the english ones?

Ah, gotcha. You used the English set names, so I assumed you meant the English versions. Woops.

On Y!J You can nab almost ANY Legend set for less than 1000 JPY.

I see. Yep :blush:

The legend cards do look awesome, but too bad, the value isn’t that high.

Yes… I think they are some of the most beautiful cards… they should have continued to use this style for the rare cards in the newer sets… and not those ugly FAs…