Legend cards question

Hey guys just looking for general info on the legend cards I saw a graded pair at my local card store I thought they were pretty cool looking and figured I’d get some more info from you guys about them, like what set they were from, how many of them are in the set what were their pull rates like? The ones I saw were the palkia and dialogs pair they had them priced at 40 bucks for the pair (psa 9) you guys think they’re worth picking up at that price?

They are from the Legend Era sets.

In Japanese sets you pulled both halves together, in English they were individual pulls.
Rarity is *I think*(willing to be wrong) 1-2 per box?

Oh ok so roughly like a full art or secret rare then. Not bad! I’ll have to look more into the legends sets pretty much anything last base set 2 is completely foreign to me! Lol

They are severely underrated sets in terms of how much people talk about and collect them. They came out at a very strange time in the life of Pokemon, sort of a transition from it’s low point towards Pokemon becoming popular again. Primes are also lovely cards but painfully common for a card that looks so rare.

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Awesome thanks @milhouse I’ve seen the prime cards before I’m kinda checking things out as we are talking! In the mean time I was thinking man the art works are really cool and I like the artwork across 2 cards concept but I also thought the art works would look cooler without the line of the borders between them! Like a poster size even! Well wouldn’t ya know I stumble upon jumbo sized versions! Def. Gonna grab a couple of them!

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Well I’d say the new GX regular art cards have almost the same pull rates as the Primes (4-6). They were expensive because of playability back in the day, but common enough that you could pick up hundreds of them for $1 for like at least a year after rotation.

I think pull rate is 1-3 per box, aside from an anomaly, and thinking of them as a Full Art quite literally makes sense, except that you probably wouldn’t pull a 2 piece set in 1 box.

I think $40 for the pair seems fair, not really a deal. I think PSA 10 of these cards is going to be quite expensive, as I don’t think the print quality was as high at that point. So I do think going for the 9’s is alright, but I think PSA 10 will become very desirable, particulary ones not from triumphant with super low POP. That will rise as people see how much these will be worth, but as long as the booster box prices can go up a decent rate, I don’t think we’ll many legend pieces hit POP 10 for a long time to come

The thing with the legend cards is it seems lots of ebay auctions can end relatively low for a single piece, but the sets can sell for $25-35 too

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@pieterpie Ok yea that makes sense, my Local card store is a Dave and Adams and their prices are always on the high side, for the most part I usually only go in for supplies and packs and the occasional single from a newer set since I know for the most part it’s gonna be pack fresh. they know I’m a regular customer, and I know they’re a rather large company and I get it you need to make your money but I just wish they would give a little haggling room. And I’ve noticed that already there an auction up now 1.99 starting and I think buy it now 5 lol front looks in good condition but no rear pic:/. But even at that what do you think the odds of find a gradable candidate in the wild would be ?

I think your chances of finding gradable legends are very low. If you bought 10 “nm-mint” copies of a card, you’d be lucky for a gem, and maybe have 2 psa 9, from my experience. Other people here might have better stats on them, but I have at least 3 of each legend pieces and can promise not a single gem.

Actually I think D&A has some VERY reasonable PSA card prices, their ebay store is a bit more expensive, but they have an insane amount of Low Pop ultra rares PSA 9 in the $10-20 range. While many of these cards aren’t worth a ton in PSA 9, grading in bulk starts at $5+, the work of finding a mint card, and all the other factors considered, I think many of these are just a few dollars above what an auction would yield, where the price was a “steal”.

I’ve never bought anything from them yet. I’m going to be sad for years though, as I passed up a PSA 10 Dark Celebi Reverse Holo for $25 and it could be years before another appears. Anyway, they might be open to haggling a bit, especially if you purchase multiple cards, considering they have sales online at seemingly random percentages.

Derium’s recently opened a box on their channel

wont ruin the pull rates:

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Oh yea I’m not saying their unreasonable like I said I still buy some cards from them I guess I should say I don’t like how they price some of their cards regardless of condition. I saw a black star promo venusaur holo in the show case asked to see it price was 30 bucks before I could even pull it out of the top loader I spotted a pretty big crease horizontally in the left bottom corner, and just laden with scratches like who in their right mind is going to buy that lol yet on their eBay they have an psa 8.5 for 37 lol.

But I figured it would be pretty tough to find them in good shape in the wild but it was worth asking :blush:

That’s a tough break man! But hey everyone has to have the “one that got away” right?!

Siiiiick! Gonna watch this now!

House and I are on the same wavelength here. These are a very neat subset and fun to collect. Plus they are very undervalued IMO so decent investment today.

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D&A? Hang on to your wallet and watch out for edge repair:(

Lol see Gary knows what I’m talking about! But hey it’s local beats the hell out of waiting for penny sleeves and team bags and what not in the mail!

Maybe they are normally quite expensive, but they have a bunch of decent prices on cards with their sale.

like Mew Holo or RH PSA 9 from Ex Legend Maker for $20 is about as reasonable as BIN gets imo
they have like some japanese PSA 9 1st ed VS Fearow holo for $6.75 or something,

also even if the cards are overpriced, you are really lucky to be near a shop that sells PSA cards, let alone singles

And the card I missed out on, and will have regrets about for years, Dark Celebi RH

This card is absolutely beautiful and super underrated. NM copies are usually Bin $5 , but how many 10’s can you just come across? This was on their site for only like $22 and its POP , just stare in awe at this

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