7-Eleven Mini Cards? Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup

I have been curious to obtain more knowledge about these particular cards:

:black_small_square: Turtwig (Mini)
:black_small_square: Chimchar (Mini)
:black_small_square: Piplup (Mini)

They’re miniature cards in the Pokémon TCG, measuring 4.5cm × 6.5cm. Each card was part of a promotional release by 7-Eleven Pokéball Lottery Campaign in March 2007. It was randomly packaged with certain 7-Eleven products in select stores.

I have no idea what the cards actually look like. I assume by the description given by Bulbapedia, it is the holofoil variant of the Space-Time Creation (Diamond & Pearl) artwork:

According to the description, I assume that the Japanese cards would possess this artwork, be holofoil and unnumbered:

I want to confirm this, however. I never did see these for sale on eBay or Yahoo! Japan…I’m wondering if they even exist? Has anyone seen these cards or happen to know more about them? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Necropost alert! (sorry)

I am curently looking for information about these cards, but I find nothing except the description on bulbapedia (see above) and this thread…

Does anyone have more information?

Thanks :blush:

EDIT: And yes they exist…


This is why I love this forum, even after soon 3 years back at collecting I still see cards I have never seen or heard about. I would also like more info on these mini cards


Yes, here is what I can tell you about them:

They are very cute.
I want them.

Hope that helps!


Hahaha! :grin: Thanks for making my day, Charlie!

Perhaps someone who can read Japanese could translate the backs of the image posted by @linkdu83 ? Not sure if that gives any useful information.

Btw Charlie, those Mini Cards are still pretty big compared to the miniature 'ultra-kawaii-cutey’ :relieved: :slightly_smiling_face: Japanese Pokémon Mobile Phone Charm Promos (thanks to @charchu I currently have the Pikachu incoming):



@quuador I’ve considered getting those so many times. Hahaha

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What a funny looking little item. I guess the selection of different cards ( besides Base Pikachu/FRLG Charizard ex ) is rather small?

I honestly don’t know. Danny (@charchu ) asked me if I wanted to buy the Pikachu yesterday.

All I know is:

  • They are very small (based on the picture I’ve linked).
  • They are from the 10th anniversary in Japan
  • The cards have their backs printed as well
  • The key chain they are in is made out of metal
  • and this message:

    roughly translates to:

That’s all I know. So no idea if there are any more.

Oh, and sorry for going off-topic. This thread should be about the 7-Eleven Mini starters, not this Pikachu and Charizard EX. Just wanted to show them because they are tinier and cuter. :wink:



Those key chains


Sorry, I know this is an old post, but I actually have two of these, Chimchar ans Piplup, both sealed (got them yesterday). I got them in a bundle and had no idea they were so rare, I was shocked to see how much they’re going for. I plan on making a video showing off them and some other recent merch pickups. I’m not sure if it’s alright to share channel links on here, so if anyone is somehow seeing this and wants to see these cards in a video, just ask and I can provide a link.


Just in case anyone’s interested, here’s the video.