Sealed Pikachu Cards?

I won this auction on eBay:

I was interested because of the sealed Pikachu cards. Anyone know what they are? Are they real or fake?

They’re on their way, so I guess I’ll find out soon, but I’m very curious!

They don’t look sealed, they just look like they were placed on a piece of paper.

It says they come still attached to the original inserts. I don’t believe I have ever seen it like that before but I hope they’re legit. Well for $0.99 + $2.99 it’s a bargain even if they are real/fake - all those mini comics will make up for it! :blush:

“auction comes with three Pikachu trading cards still attached to the original inserts, and other promotional inserts”

Those Pikachu cards are Yellow-Cheek Shadowless Base Set ones, so who knows what other goodies you may receive :3

Oh sorry, I didn’t mean sealed! Haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never heard of a Shadowless Yellow-Cheek Pikachu promo. Is it a Japanese print? Like the one that came with the CD?

I’m very excited about the mini comics. :blush: I’ve never seen any before!

They might just be something a random card store put together → Pikachu card + tape + fany cardboard avertisement = home-made promo :grin:

Those mini-comics do look good. Good find!

Hey, I think those Pikachu’s might be from one of these