25th Anniversary Print runs?

Hey guys, do we know how many print runs there will be for the japanese 25th anniversary set? Celebrations is supposed to have 3-4 print runs. Will it be the same for the japanese counterpart?

You really wanna know this :joy::see_no_evil:

Nobody knows, but would you mind keeping track? For the fourum? Number of targets, Walmarts, and Best Buys, plus an estimation of how many card shops there are, multiplied by how much you think each store stocks on a weekly basis, plus how many have sold/are for sale by legit shops on eBay/tcg… you get it.

I only care about one thing and that is how many stores will restock and get premium collections. I refuse to pay a scalper but finding one is brutal. I cant be at my walmart when restocks happen and I seem to always lose to bots. It’s so hard…


Fuck no.