20th Anniversary Team Rocket Special case

I’m not into Japanese stuff, but for just $900 I think it’s a steal and I will go get it.
Now the question - what would be the best option to grow it’s value?Should I leave it unopened/intacted or should I open it and send those cards for a grade? If so - should I try to get BGS Black Label or should I just stick with PSA for that solid 10? I know that there’s a quite high chance for Japanese cards to get that Black Label lol

Keep it all intact.

Imo, this is one of those items where a sealed complete set should be valued more than two PSA 10 cards, a deck box, sleeves and a coin.

It’s not the same when i see listings with the cards graded laying in the box with everything else.


Either is fine. It’s rare and unique enough that buyers will want either option.

Only aspect I would add is not every sealed copy is mint. Sent in a few recently and a couple had warps or creases that I missed.

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