2024 Worlds Promo and Plush Revealed

The 2024 Paradise Resort Worlds Promo has been revealed! Along with the snorkeling Pikachu plushie. What are your thoughts?


The card effect is wildfire

My initial reaction is that I love the artwork. Absolutely love the surfing Pikachu and Pokémon that are featured in the artwork. Hawaii locals please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that might be Diamond Head and the Diamond Head Lighthouse featured in the background.

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Showed at the NAIC stream today! Also the exclusive plush!

Thoughts? Much prefer the greater emphasis on Pikachu compared to the last two years. 8/10 for me.


Pikachu looks a little derpy/toonish. But nice to see LeChonk. Overall probably one of my lesser favorites but still a world’s promo!


I’m so biased towards the tradition of Worlds Promo’s that even if I thought the artwork was terrible I’d probably still love the card :pikalaugh:


Kind of the same way here, I love the world’s cards in general so regardless I still want a copy. As a Psyduck species collector I care less about Pikachu’s representation and more about Psyduck’s cameo though :pikasunglasses:


You go little dude, you go.


I love it. The art is by Naoki Saito who is known for drawing more anime-style art (he’s known for FA trainers). The surfing theme makes sense of course and it’s nice to see alolan raichu being incorporated with its tail surfing. Gholdengo surfing is also an extra nice addition.

P.S. Psyduck isn’t left out in the background of course.


Forgive my ignorance, I’ve never purchased a world’s card before. What is everyone’s guess based on past history that this card can be picked up for on eBay? Is it the cheapest just after worlds or several months down the road?

Typical standard for new World’s promos - Pikachu is in a rush to get somewhere, surrounded by Pokemon with a blue background.

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In general, I think the best time to buy them price wise is likely going to be around November/December when the excitement and interest in Worlds is at a low for the year. Prices overall will vary depending on which version you’re interested in though. Last year the STAFF stamped copies were selling for around $500 USD during the event and cooled off later in the year.

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Time to start collecting again :blush:

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It reminds me of Aloha Tower & Bellows Beach which wouldnt make much sense but thats what i thought of first.

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