Fun Speculation for the Possibility of an Exclusive Promo at Worlds Hawaii 2024

I for one hope they do an Alternative Artwork of Tropical Wind 1999 similar to Natta Wake pikachu where it is a few moments after the original card or even better yet, a zoom out landscape of many more pokemon around psyduck chilling on the beach enjoying the rays of Hawaii :sun_with_face:

Or something similar around the TMB cards.

Just another take on these classic illustrations. Would be a collector’s dream <3
But obviously very very unlikely.

What about you all?


Well it makes the most sense to have a cameo from Alola, so I am thinking either a tapu + S/V box legendaries promo or Pikachu with popular alolah pokémon, trainers, or location.


I’m hoping for something with a Mingo-esque color palette, like the official art!


Would be cool if it was just typical beach pokemon chilling on the beach? Some Shellos, a Shelder, a Krabby and Corphish, a Palossand, maybe an Azurill and some Wingulls.
It’ll probably be Pikachu, and a bunch of water Pokemon that I don’t normally associate with the beach though.


Paradise Resort 2024 will be a Hawaii themed illustration by Naoki Saito

If there is a special art card like the Worlds Yokohama deck Pikachu ex, TPCi is going to make it instead of TPC Japan i.e. English version only. In that case, I’d like to see a vibrant painterly illustration that specialises in oceanside scenery, by Gemi or Takashi Shiraishi

Shiraishi’s originals


Interesting information, didn’t think about this!

Hopefully they still have all the cool merch to stock up on :slight_smile:

I want a Pikachu in a snorkel outfit lol

Ya that’s what I am hoping for as well

Yeah! A reference to the original tropical wind seems like a must. I hate to sound like I’m living in the past, but Hawaii is essential to the Kizuki worlds promos.

Are you thinking they will have a separate promo card or this will be the Worlds promo?

I am hoping just like last year’s worlds, that they have a unique release of a promo card for Honolulu

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If there is a full art promo in addition to the standard Worlds Promo I imagine it would look similar to the illustrations @koala posted. Maybe an underwater perspective likely containing water type Pokémon from Paldea, like Wugtrio, Veluza, Tatsugiri, Palafin, etc…

Although last years full art Pikachu ex didn’t seem to have any connection to Japan in the artwork so maybe that’s reserved specially for the usual worlds promos like Paradise Resort.