World Championships 2012 Promo cards

Hi Guys…

so the 2012 Worlds is already over and I am awaiting the new Promo cards on ebay… I wanted to start this thread to discuss about those cards…
The Tropical beach looks very nice in my opinion… I love the Pikachu on it and I think I have to get one of the Semi-Finalist or Finalist stamped cards…

What do you all think, will there be a No.1/2/3 Trainer Trophy on ebay?

I am glad someone started this conversation, I was going to get it going.

I actually don’t know how I feel about the illustration this year. I think the tropical wind/wave/beach cards are some of the best to collect. They had the same illustrator until 2011. I dont know if I am alone in this regard but I prefer the chubby pikachu from the 90’s. The pikachu in the 2012 tropical beach looks a bit odd to me.

well… Pikachu definitely looks chubbier on the old school cards from the 90’s… but I think i like both versions… I just like the fact that they put Pikachu on the Tropical Beach card because I had enough of psyduck…

Scott, the No. 1/2/3 Trainers are the same as the previous years, right?

I actually like the new tropical beaches better than the last one.

I hope they changed the 2012 trophies…that design has run its course imo.

Frosty: I dont think they had those Pikachu Statues every previous year… they used to have glass statues. Look up at Google pictures by typing “pokemon world championship trophy”.
So I guess it is the first year for those Pikachu Statues… They look really amazing!

Yeah every year I hope that they printed some new Trophy Pikachu cards… I wonder how many of this community would be interested in having those if they really made new ones…

Hahaha I still would not. I’m strictly sticking Japanese :blush:

I thought you were interested in the English pikas mike?

I actually think the English pikas are underrated. They are almost impossible to get a PSA 10 grade because of the case they are given out in.

It would be nice if they changed the illustration but I don’t know what Pokemon would be able to replace pikachu.

I would be if I got an amazingly fantastic deal on one but if given the choice …japanese all the way!

this is the 1st time they used the pikachu statues the previous years were all glass ones with the pokeball on the top.very surprising that next year it will be in vancouver

This is certainly true. There are a lot of interesting directions they could go with the artwork and theme in the years to come. I hope they take advantage of the opportunity creatively.

hey just found this pictures:

so they gave out the same trophy cards as the previous years…

thats very interesting… so there was top 32, top 16, quarter finalist, semi-finalist, finalist and champion stamped cards? but how where there 6 of those if the VGC players didnt receive? did each of the 3 Champions get 2 copies or what?

Ok great, thanks a lot DJ! Wasnt there one year that they only gave out 1 copy per person? so there would be 6 of the finalist from that year…

DJ do you have a pic of the champion stamped card?

Why is it that the 2012 Tropical Beach cards that have no placement stamp on them are more valuable than the ones that do have a placement stamp on them?

The one without placement is only available in the map with all language versions I guess, so if you only collect english cards; you don’t need the others then.

For European players all of the cards are playable except the Japanese.