2023 Kakawow Phantom Disney 100 Years of Wonder


Have you heard of 2023 Kakawow Phantom Disney 100 Years of Wonder?

No? Well I hadn’t either, so I did a deep dive and found some pertinent information to share.

Kakawow is a 2023 Chinese trading card brand owned by Suplay Inc. under Founder Alex Huang. They are licensed to sell product in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, and can use the intellectual property of Disney, Pixar, StarWars, Marvel, Tom & Jerry, HelloKitty, etc.

First Set

Their first large set is called Phantom Disney 100 Years of Wonder and was supposedly limited to 4,000 cases. The set is 180 cards large with 10 packs per booster box and 5 cards per pack. Each case contains 10 booster boxes.

Artificial Rarity

These cards operate similarly to modern sports cards with artificial rarity inserts.

Approximate insert set odds:

Insert name: total cards, odds

Base Silver: 180 cards, 1:2 packs

Die Cut: 180 cards, 1:10

Classic Reunion: 46 cards, 1:10

Anniversary World Stamp: 46 cards, 1:10

D100: 180 cards, 1:25

Chinese Zodiac: 12 cards, 1:50

Platinum: 18 cards, 1:100

Wonder: 36 cards, 1:100

Signature: 36 cards, 1:129

Retro Poster: 36 cards, 1:134

Gold: 72 cards, 1:500

Eternal Force: 28 cards, 1:667

Black: 72 cards, 1:5000

Social Media Presence

Their formal social media presence has been restricted to Twitter and Discord, but it appears that they have partnered with influencers and sports card shops on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to drive up interest in their product with booster box openings. They also regularly engage in Twitter giveaways.

Grading & Market Price

PSA and other grading companies have agreed to begin grading the cards and they are currently listed for ridiculous prices. To provide some context, booster cases are selling for $5,000-$7,000 with individual boxes selling for $500-$700. PWCC has a booster case listed in auction to end tomorrow.

My Opinions

I love Disney and I am excited for Lorcana to come out soon. I am less enthusiastic for a “sports world” Disney CCG. The more that I’ve read about the company and products, the ickier it makes me feel.

I understand that they are trying to grow rapidly and are restricted by geographic agreements as a licensee, but their approach/fanbase feels eerily similar to the NFT/Crypto crowd.

For example, tweets like this make me feel gross.

Can’t wait to get this back from @PSAcard :fire: Gold /10 Raya from @kakawow_global Disney Phantom 100! :moneybag::fire::chart_with_upwards_trend: kakawow psa #Disney100

I have to assume that the major sellers in North America will be sports card stores looking to make a quick buck before it becomes irrelevant.

TL;DR: A Chinese business made a Disney CCG with artificial rarity similar to modern sports cards. Their vocal fanbase has felt a little like NFT/Crypto bros, but perhaps the other portion of their consumers are just quieter on social media.


Regardless of artificial scarcity or any other controversy like that, any card game that relies on stock art instead of hand drawn art is an instant pass for me.


I have been keeping an eye on these, and they do seem to have a lot of hype behind them. I like the Zodiac cards but won’t buy them with the questions I have right now.

I prefer Disney Treasures or the new Weiss set to these, personally. If the prices get under control I’ll probably buy the Zodiac cards.

If you don’t mind sharing, what questions are preventing you from purchasing them?

This looks like a physical version of the “disney collect! by topps” app. Its fun to collect with some great designs and novelty versions but overall my experience with that was just a time sink that you could never complete without lots of money. Interesting to see where this goes.

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One question is there are enough Disney sets out there between this, Weiss, Lorcana, Treasures, and probably others I don’t know to know which I want to follow through on.

Second is just a general uneasiness about the pricing right now given how much hype things are getting. I’ll probably wait a while to see how much interest sustains. Doesn’t impact me enjoying the designs, but of course would prefer to wait a bit if I can afford to. Alright with missing out if that happens.

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I’m a bit put off by the sports like chase (and its not available in the US). The art isn’t all that crazy either. I like the 100 anniversary component though. I expect Lorcana releasing this year was also tied to the Disney 100 anniversary as well.

I’m excited to get a lightning McQueen “signature “ in a year or two for $50


I think the Weiss cards are better for the Disney 100 cards. Weiss is a more established brand and it’s in Japanese rather than Chinese. Also the art is better. I’m buying neither though

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They got the nerve to throw the same stock character art on 10 different border variations and call them different cards

Artificial is on next level imo when you make sports card equivalents of signature cards written by cartoon characters