2020 Holiday Set

Stumbled across this article recently, wondered what everyone’s thoughts on it were? Seems a little speculative but I can see the logic. I’m a lot more casual than many on here so apologies if this has already been well-covered!


The gold Reshizard from Tag Team All Stars is definitely in the top 3 of my favourite modern cards (cos I’m a basic bitch), would love to see this in English. I’m not really engaged with printing cycles and corporate decisions on new releases so I’ve no idea of the likelihood they’ll re-run an English print from an ‘old’ set.

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So this holiday set SHOULD be those secret rare missing cards from tag all stars plus Legendary heartbeat as far as I’m aware. However you don’t really know what cards will be promos and not. For example that mosaic legendary bird card ended up being a promo card that when into hidden fates ETB. I can’t imagine them using any of the gold cards as promos.

If they don’t end up using them because they are not part of the current set then expect them to get released as promos through out different sets. I have a feeling they will be in the set though. A gold zard will draw so many people to it. Plus they will want to try and top the success of hidden fates.

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@pokemike102 ,Yeah I hear that - I’m loving these holiday sets right now, a first Zard-featured gold card would surely be a major draw to the set. Pokemon Company isn’t daft either, like you say they’ll want to top what they achieved with Hidden Fates, and they’ll have their finger on the market pulse so I’d wager there’s a huge likelihood of all that happening within this new set. Can’t wait! Currently stockpiling the cash that I haven’t spent on S&S and Rebel Clash to drop on the upcoming holiday set (and maybe a little Darkness Ablaze…)

haha exactly the same as me! The holiday sets have been amazing it’s always just a shame you can’t get booster boxes though! The last modern set I bought and opened was Cosmic Eclipse. I’ve skipped S&S and Rebel and I’ll probably get a little bit of Darkness Ablaze while hoping to see more info on the Holiday set!

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