2001 Japanese intro Pack (Neo)

Got lucky on eBay and won myself one of these rare babies:

Hope to receive it soon. If you guys would like a video of the opening let me know, I’ve seen one on YT but quality is terrible, like it was recorded with a Potato. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, nice buy mate.

I have had my eye on this for a while but they don’t pop up too often anymore…

I would love to see a few pictures/scans of the cards though if you do decide to open it just to see some of the sweet artwork.

Also if you don’t mind saying, how much did this set you back?

Very nice! I have to ask…why would you want to open a sealed item?

Thanks mate, I’ll be sure to scan them once they’re here.

The Pack cost me $104 including shipping:


Thanks! I like the cards for their artwork, so I’ll keep them in an album to enjoy them.

Haha well I guess that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: …I think a video would be awesome!

Yeah, sorry about the opening, I know most of you collectors went:


I’ll be sure to make a video of it once it arrives then. :blush:

Hahahaha! Yeah that pretty much summed up my reaction :stuck_out_tongue: But, we all collect because it brings us joy, so If you get more enjoyment out of viewing/displaying your cards then open away! I certainly will be looking forward to that video, I am curious to see what the whole box contains.

I trust that with that kind of money invested, you’ll treat every card inside of the package delicately. That makes the opening part slightly less painful. Not painless. But slightly less painful. Haha.

No worries all of the cards will be carefully glued to my album using PVC-Free white glue.

ARGGHH!!! it was you. I was happy to buy it now @ $125 i hesitated went back to buy it and BAM! it was gone :slightly_frowning_face:

Glue? What?!

Sorry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keeps them steady!~ :wink:

Are you going to open this box?

If you are im dying for a sealed set would you consider an offer on it?

Or I have an unsealed complete set coming which id be willing to trade + cash for the sealed set. Only catch probrobly won’t be here for 2 weeks

I’m sorry I’m unable accept your offer as it’s on its way to me here in El Salvador. If I stumble upon a sealed set on eBay I’ll let you know.