Intro Pack Neo - Price Development

Hey guys,

I just bought this beautiful sealed Intro Pack Neo from ebay for 200€ (~220 USD), which I think is a gret deal.

In this thread from 2017 @smpratte himself said that 400$ would be the minimum for a sealed pack. I remember back in early 2018 there was only one available on ebay for like 800-1000$, can’t remember exactly.
However right now there are multiple offered on ebay for around 300$. Virtually every other vintage sealed item has increased rather massively in the last three years, so this decrease is quite unique.
Does anyone of you know the reason? Was this item heavily specutaled upon and the bubble bursted? Was there a big storage unit full of them discovered? Did availability increase massively when more Japanese vendors get involved with ebay? Just curios for some opinions and insights :blush:


Availability was low at that time. It’s also just a niche item so when demand outweighs supply the price skyrockets and when supply outweighs demand it can fall fairly rapidly.

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I never bought one sealed but have a mint set that was opened but never taken out. Perfect for my binder and still gradable if I feel like it. That was 4 years ago, maybe and I bought it was around 130 bucks, which I thought was great.

In the end it’s niche, but the artwork is incredible, especially if you love the neo sets. Supply it outweighing demand right now simply. It will recover with time.

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I love this set, I’ve got a sealed deck as well. It’s just very niche and hasn’t appreciated in value so far. It’s a great opportunity to pick some up if you like it.

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Awesome buy congrats!

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Fantastic price! I’d buy all sealed decks at that rate!


I wish i didnt know about this because I want one so bad now.

The damn Marill in the cardset might be my new fav for him!! Awesome grab!


Thanks for the approval, guys!
I knew it’s a very niche item that is hardly ever talked about, it just felt weird that went in the opposite direction of all other sealed items in terms of market price.

On the other hand, if it stays stagnant I’ll have less of a guilty conscience when I open it, since that was its intended purpose when I bought it. Sounds like a win-win I guess :wink:

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