Opening 14 Neo 4 Japanese booster packs.

Just to add some context to the story before we get started. I’ve collected English cards for the most part when I first started collecting Pokemon cards. Primarily just the ones I couldn’t have when I was younger. However Japanese cards have since started to be more appealing to me. I saw a seller on ebay selling off single Japanese neo 4 packs four days ago, so I figured I’d jump on it and buy her out (14 packs) I didn’t think much at the time since there might not have been a shiny. However she messaged me just to formally thank me for buying all of them. At which point she stated that these belong in a comic book store that never opened in the east coast (USA) due to personal issues, So I guess we can’t even call it a comic book store? Anyways I felt alot better when they arrived and I popped them out


14 Packs

So it begins (Off camera is another Dark tyranitar I forgot to throw in)

2 of these packs included 2 holo’s (I didn’t know the energy cards weren’t considered rare)

I’m exetremly happy I pulled this. What are the odds right?

Posting up close pictures, Most of the other holos were off centered but this card is perfect. Needless to say this will be going out to PSA this week in hopes for a 10. See below pictures and tell me what you think it’ll grade.

Front top left corner

Front top right corner

Bottom front right corner

Bottom left front corner


Back top left

Back top right

Back Bottom left

And I forgot to take a picture of the bottom right corner but it looks exactly the same as the others. In my experience with Japanese cards they tend to grade fairly well, However I have ZERO experience with grading this particular series. Any wise words of encouragement?


Wow, that is lucky! Nice pulls

Got some nice cards there :blush:

Booster packs, i cant remember the last time i opened one lol

Great pulls, Charizard should have every chance to score psa 10. :blush:

Due to the production process and quality controls at Media Factory, it’s generally fairly easy getting 10s. Those cards should follow suit and get 10s.

Nice pull for sure. Congrats:)

double entered…

@thorgene WOW! I saw these packs on eBay and thought I’d pick some up, but didn’t have the funds at the time. Really wish I did now!! At least these fantastic cards went to a good home.

Thanks @fourthstartcg thats very kind of you to say. I’m hoping to get more from another user to push my luck. I just honestly hope it grades well…

I’m curious as to how much you paid per pack. (If you don’t want to say, though, I will understand.)

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I’ll pm you.

Awesome job with those pulls, and it looks like you got a reasonable price on them.

Nice! I know you were after that zard too :wink:


Dang, guess you ate some Lucky Charms when you bought those lol… congrats on the pulls man! Can’t wait to see that 'Zard come back as a 10 :wink:

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Btw I will be crazy jealous when that card comes back as a PSA 10. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is such an awesome set, such a shame sealed booster packs are so hard to find these days. I actually have 15 booster packs of these myself but its a nightmare trying to keep them sealed haha!

In that case you’ll be the first to know XDDD lolol

Open them! OR sell them to me! lel

Hey man, its Zulu_pokemon from IG! I’m still salty you picked up those boosters before me! lol…such epicness in those packs!

@uhwarrior70 Oh hey MATE! ya found me! Salty good or salty bad =/ I shall try not to be selfish in the future XD