1st Edition Shadowless Charizard condition help. (pics)

Due to the extreme blurred photos, there’s no way to estimate.
A clear hi def pic of front and back would make it possible to pregrade.

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It looks like an 8 to me. It’s in awesome condition though. I personally, would get it authenticated only.

Very difficult to determine condition solely from pictures. It does look to be in good condition and its value would look to increase upon authenticating/grading.

It is off centre to the right, appears to have small silvering on the bottom left and has the scuff mark. I would think an 8 would be possible if there are no other issues.

It is very hard to tell though from those pictures.

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My guess is an 8, but like others said, it would make it easier for us to help you if you could provide clearer pics or scans.

If you need help sending it to PSA, feel free to send me a PM :wink:

Actually looks like you could get lucky and score a 9. My eight looked a lot worse than that. But you never really know… lol Nice pickup!

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yeah i’ve got an 8 that looks worst, but pics can hide small imperfections that can be seen in person, but should get an 8+ if the photos are showing all the damage