1st Edition Dark Magician Girl Price Check + Others

Hi to E4 community. I know this isn’t Pokemon related but I need help finding a price for two cards. I couldn’t find enough data to find a solid price on these two cards.

What is a fair price for these two cards?
I spoke to the seller and we live nearby so we will meet up in person for the transaction but all we need to do now is negotiate a price.I don’t want to over pay and I’m not looking to low ball anyone.Thank You e4

I believe I’ve sold the last two beckett 9.5 DMGs. I started both on auction at $.99. Both have 9/9.5/10/10 subgrades… maybe in different order.

First sold for $2250

The second I didn’t want to sell and got offers up to $2500. I am in midst of purchasing house so I wanted cushion and auctioned it. Went for less that I thought at 2030.

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Kagome Higurashi?

Thanks for data guys. Any chance you know a fair market price for one of these blue eyes. www.ebay.com/itm/PSA-10-YuGiOh-Blue-Eyes-White-Dragon-LOB-001-1st-Edition-North-American-X3-Kaiba/223899532635?hash=item342173bd5b:g:SaoAAOSwkclePvr~

I just sold $60000 worth of gold coins so i have money to burn. :grin:

I’m personally salty about the LOB BEWD because it shot up in price so quickly so fast.

There was one that sold recently on IG for $13000ish I believe about a week ago. So I’d say somewhere around there.

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Those kind of high transactions on IG are nerve racking, even with highly reputable sellers. I don’t know about the card but that’s a huge gap!

For 2k you can get a real Dark Magician Girl card, g3-11 rare version, actually limited to 2800 copies back in 2000. If you want a real trophy card go for that one. If you want a hyped card only because it’s in english, buy the one you posted.

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Was that the copy with a very OC back? I vaguely recall seeing it for sale for 15k on eBay before being taken down.

The prices now for bewd should be closer to 15/16k usd for a glossy, and about 35% higher for wavy. There’s quite a lot of glossies for sale at 20k but no one is biting at that price to my understanding

Above assumes a proper psa 10

the dark magician girls I passed because the price was not worth it. I am incredibly close to buying the blue eyes. I just need to know a fair price. I need more input guys :grin: . 13000 is too low i think. btw guys i will soon have a large buylist of pokemon cards soon I just need to organize a few things and close this deal.

It depends on wavy vs glossy for a blue eyes price.

Watch this video first though before deciding what to get

I did an hour interview with this fellow Tim last week:)

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I Bought it!


Rarity isn’t the only factor when it comes to value.

99.9999999999% of anyone exposed to Yu-Gi-Oh! won’t know that the G3-11 copies exist. Everyone has grown up with the MFC 1st copy.

Obscure Japanese promos, whilst rare, have no nostalgia or awareness for the majority of collectors. The English copies will only keep rising.

99.9999999999% of anyone will prefer the USA version? What is this? Murica master race?

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EDIT: I know he’s Scottish lol

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