Looking to Buy: Blue Eyes White Dragon and Exodia-All Pieces

Hi everyone!

I know this is mainly a pokemon forum, but I’m desperate to find these cards in MINT condition… I have 1st edition base set/shinings (both neo sets)/goldstars/psa cards/skyridge holos/Secret Gold Rare cards from XY sets/etc. to trade for these cards (pm me if you’re interested for a complete list).

I am looking to buy the following (all from the “Legend of Blue Eyes LOB” set and all 1st edition, English edition):

Blue Eyes White Dragon (lob-001) ~ $200
Exodia the Forbidden One (lob-124) ~ $120
Left Leg or Left Arm ~ $30 each
Right Leg or Right Arm ~ $40 each

Price I will pay/trade will also vary with the condition of the “Mint” card (since I might have different opinion on “mint” than another person).

Thanks for looking! :blush:

Edit: Updated prices to the max. which I will pay for these cards.

Edit: Will now pay $200 for a MINT Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Hello :blush:

Nice to see another Yugioh collector!

Just wanted to let you know that you should be prepared to pay upwards of $200-300 for a mint blue eyes 1st Ed

And around 400-600 for a mint exodia set

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$200-$300? Wow, the card really shot up, haha. Maybe I should snatch one that I saw earlier…

Edit: Wow, they all really shot up… how recent was this?

Ya :confused: all the legend of blue eyes cards are drastically increasing in value!

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My friend recently sold a really nice Exodia 1st head for $225

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Updated prices (thanks RayquazaTCG and limeh)! I’ve found offers that are lower than these selling prices (such as $225), so I’ve listed the price I am seeking for the card that would outmatch the current purchase I have currently lined up.

Thanks! This is gonna be hella expensive… (I’m also open to trading some of my pokemon cards *pm if you would like a list* for these cards!)

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Yeah I have no idea how he sold his head for $225 but someone bought it xD.

EBay.com should have them but be prepared to pay the true value.

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Actually the cards have become so rare that ebay doesn’t have any of the cards I’m looking for in Mint condition at a reasonalble price (most are in heavy/moderate play as well), but I’m always on the lookout!

Oh, and got the left leg and left arm!

This is @pottsinator’s fault im looking for the same cards.

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Yeah it is! @pottsinator lol
Yugioh cards have been ridiculously cheap up until this year. I’m kicking myself for not buying a 1st ed Blue Eyes box for under $150…


We’re in the exact same boat.

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On a side note, I picked up 6 Retro Pack 1 SE Boxes (if you guys know that set)!!! Super excited (and got them for a good deal) since I literally couldn’t find the packs for months :blush: But that’ll push me back on my quest for the lob cards lol.

If this’ll help incentivize anyone, I have a PSA 9 1st Ed. Shining Charizard and PSA 9 1st Ed. Shining Magikarp up for trade for these cards as well as a Mew Gold Star (NM- condition) and 1st Ed. Shining Celebi (NM). I also have Neo Destiny BLISTER packs (x2), 1st Ed. Base Sets (Venusaur/Poliwrath), Skyridge Holos (Arcanine/Gengar), and the Newer secret rare M Ex’s & shinies. PM me for further information and hopefully we can work something else :blush: But the cards must be in MINT condition.


Seeing as this topic is bout yu gi oh someone tell me is this price right?!!
sorry just felt it would be a waste for me to make my own sep topic just for this

www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PSA-10-GEM-MINT-Dark-Magician-Girl-1st-Edition-MFC-Secret-Rare-YuGiOh-1-of-2-POP-/181925707207?hash=item2a5b9dfdc7:g:-6cAAOSw5VFWIRU3 if so I gotta get mine graded

If anybody has mint condition in these cards it’s best to grade them cause you’ll make waaaay more.

Might get my 1st ed mirror force graded

I’ll gladly trade for PSA 10 Variants of my wants!!!