ShadowLugia WTB/WTT - 1st ed Lugia, Shining Charizard PSA 10

I can pay cash (PayPal G&S) for my wants or trade if my list below interests you. My trade values for what I have are also listed. I believe my prices are fair but I’m happy to negotiate a little if you’re interested in making a deal. I’d also be willing to use a middleman for trades if you prefer.

Pokemon wants:

Set cards:

  • Lugia Neo Genesis 1st edition PSA 10 (Looking for no holo scratches or print lines, hence the price premium) - $2500
  • Shining Charizard Neo Destiny 1st edition PSA 10 - $2300
  • Blastoise 1st edition Shadowless Thick Stamp PSA 10 - Trade only (see below)

Yugioh wants:

LOB 1st edition PSA 10:

  • Red Eyes Black Dragon - $4000 for wavy
  • Dark Magician - $2800 for wavy
  • Exodia Right Arm - $650 for glossy
  • Exodia Right Leg - $800 for wavy
  • Exodia Left Leg - $800 for wavy, $750 for glossy
  • Exodia Left Arm - $850 for wavy, $800 for glossy

Booster Boxes:

  • MFC 24-pack booster box 1st edition sealed - $4500

Trade list (with values):


  • Blastoise 1st edition Shadowless Thin Stamp PSA 10 - Trade ONLY for Thick Stamp Blastoise. I will add $250 cash to sweeten the deal.
  • Charizard 1st edition Shadowless PSA 9 (clean holo and minimal whitening) - $6000
  • Gold Star Espeon PSA 10 - $1,800
  • Shining Charizard 1st edition Neo Destiny PSA 9 - $1200
  • Luigi Pikachu Full Art PSA 10 - $200


  • Dark Magician Girl 1st edition MFC BGS 9 - $900
  • Harpie’s Feather Duster TP8 PSA 9 - $600
  • Blue Eyes Toon Dragon 1st edition MRL PSA 10 - $375
  • BEWD TRC Ghost Rare PSA 10 - $275
  • Gate Guardian 1st edition MRD PSA 9 - $225

Bump - I’ve raised my prices significantly.

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What game are the tickets for? What is the seat section, row?

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My game 3 and 4 tickets actually just sold a few days ago. I still have game 6 but it’s not guaranteed obviously so I took it off the thread. It’s section 124, row 22. I have game 6 listed for $1,250 each.

There is a glossy BEWD psa 10 currently listed on eBay in case you haven’t seen it yet!

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The 10 that is currently available looks weak to me, but thanks anyway :blush:

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Ah ok! What’s wrong with the copy on eBay currently?

Man I’m old enough to remember when the 1st blue eyes was going for $1500 :slightly_frowning_face:

and that’s only 18 months ago :laughing:


That was before I got back into the game ;p

I noticed some issues with the front edges in his pictures and also the back is pretty off center.

Lol yes exactly!!

Bump - updated wants, prices, and trade list

Bump - new updates

Some price increases and updates since I’ve crossed a few things off my list.