1st Edition Base Set Prices 1 Year Ago - 3/25/17

Hi everyone,

I was looking through my computer today trying to find a file and came across this spreadsheet I had made on 3/25/17, almost exactly a year ago. I made it with the intention of analyzing the premium that PSA 10s command over PSA 9s on high-end cards. I found the data interesting to go back over and I hope you guys think so as well. Also, note that I wrote the population at the time, and I’ll let someone else do the dirty work on how many copies have been graded since then. I’d love to see that!

A couple of notes:

  • Italicized numbers mean I was only able to find a singular datapoint, the rest I took the average, rounding to the nearest $50.
  • RIP to all other uncommons and commons. Apparently I looked at how many there were and thought “screw that”. Arcanine is the chosen one.


Thank you for sharing!

I’ve been pulling the base set 1st edition and shadowless pop reports at least once a week so eventually I’ll have some longitudinal data to post on how the pop reports are changing over time.

dat 2000% premium for a dragonite psa 10. You can be a scumbag and buy 10 psa 9 copies, crack n’ send and 1 is bound to come back a 10 :stuck_out_tongue:

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very sad but true.

So true. That’s my opinion of any card that has such a wide gap between 9-10. Shadowless Zard comes to mind tbh. I would never pay $15k+ even if I had 1 billion dollars, when 9s can be had for like $1500.

It’s actually surprising that Beedrill goes for almost half less yet it’s half the pop.

No reason to Pidgeotto!s market price?

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