1st Edition Base Set Charizard - Colour Difference?

Hey there, Guys ‘n’ Gals!

I was hoping to seek a little advice from you all, regarding two cards that I have.

Both cards are 1st Edition Charizard from the base set, and both are graded. One is a MINT 9 and other a NM-MT 8, both of which I bought already graded.

What I have noticed is that they aren’t the exact same colour / shade / saturation. Take a look at the picture below, which was taken outdoors in natural light, so as to produce the most accurate representation of the colour.

You should be able to see that my MINT 9 is far more ‘orange’ than the other, with what seems to be more saturation. The light does seem to reflecting off it a little more in this picture, but you can still see what I mean.

There could be a whole host of reasons why this is, but I just thought I’d see if any of you had come across this before. My NM-MT 8 does appear to be the ‘thick’ stamp variety, if that makes any difference…?

Do do you think it’s down to the printing process and ink used, or has it occurred afterward?

Let me know what you think!!

I have had Japanese boxes, that I noticed a saturation difference within the box. I think it it might be caused by different printing presses.

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I believe that difference occurred during the printing process…


Can we get a couple angles? Might help as it does seem the light is shining different on them. Maybe a hi res scan would even be better. I don’t have a ton of experience with the old ones so much, but I know the new ones can vary a lot in shade fresh out of the pack. Varies by the printer or even the day on the same printer I assume.

I believe that difference occurred during the printing process…

Yeah I have no rarities that have different colors and also i have starmie that has a different bubble then the other starmie lol.

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4326 looks real nice!

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Probably a silly question, but is there any association between the different shades and the thick and thin 1st ed stamp?


Only as far as they were most certainly printed at a different time.

Here is an example of two cards with the similar issue you observed, so as you can see it color variances extended further than the base set.

To explain further, different printers had different color settings. Using the CMYK color pallet it could be 45% black & 5% cyan or 34% cyan 15% Magenta, 19% yellow & 14% black depending on the printer and ink used at the manufacturer. These were adjusted as time went on and printers were changed out, specifically between the shadowless & unlimited base set print run.


Thanks for the quality feedback, you awesome bunch of Pokemon nerds! :wink:

I was almost certain that it had to be down to the printing process, but just thought I’d get a second opinion.

I also wondered if there was any correlation between the stamp thickness and ink shade, but didn’t have the means to compare enough 1st Ed Base Set Charizards.

Cheers for the help!


Actually; there was only one “first” official WOTC base set print run, and that was the shadowless print run. First print* base set shadowless cards were run through again to badge them with “1st edition” stamps. That’s why there are thick, thin, and grey stamped variations today, and still the card remains the same.

The first edition cards were still the first cards printed :wink:

So regular shadowless was released before 1st edition?

No. In terms of the printing process, the “shadowless” variation was the first sent to the prepress and were the first run on the printers. Very soon after that the “1st edition” stamps were added. This all happened in a short amount of time, likely a matter of hours, days, or weeks. The 1st edition stamped cards were the first cards released followed by the regular “shadowless” cards.

All 1st Ed base were shadowless first;)

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Wow I had a blonde moment. I was thinking they got made, packaged and distributed before 1st edition.

Haha no the garinsons summerized it better. Every base first edition was born a shadowless first. :blush:


oBserve the unlimited base set japanese deck i opened recently has some wierd cards lol with different colors ect:
The bubbles on starmie are missing and different, and if you saw the difference in rl with metapod you would freak xD

and the funny thing is… this deck came With a THIRD RULE book :ninja:


the angle make the second metapod look like hes been on a diet :grin: