1st Edition base Set Booster Pack - Resealed?

Hi everyone!

I just bought this booster pack here

The seller mention that is scaled, which i believe. however after inspecting the top seal more carefully, thoughts of reseal came to my mind.

I see the slight cut on the front top, which is quite often on these booster packs, but I was wondering what you all think about it.

The seller does have one negative feedback stating resealing which didn’t help my paranoia.

Looking forward to hear from you!


The feedback alone is enough to warrant avoiding this seller. Lots of cancelled auctions and claims of lost inventory speaks about the sellers’ honesty. Don’t be surprised if it is resealed.

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the top seal looks like it has a lot of wear, you’ll be able to get a better idea once you have it in your hands, but the whole situation including the sellers bad rep and low purchase price means you’re probably not gonna have a good time


Thank you guys!

What should I be looking for as red alarms?

If you are not confortable writing here you can PM.

You mean by reseal or by sellers?

If you mean by sellers:

  1. Anything less than 99% feedback, you should check why they got less than 99%. Some reasons may be dumb (too picky with condition but the card has been PSA graded, shipment was slow, personal vendetta against seller, etc.) but other reasons can be valid and the more shady they sound, the more you should be careful.

  2. Quality of pictures: If the pictures are either stolen and fuzzy as hell, it’s a red flag.

  3. Relisted listings: if the listings are relisted with the same pictures on cards that are considered unlikely to have multiple copies of (i.e. 5 listings of PSA graded 1st base charizard, or like 4 Tropical Winds 1999), then probably a red flag.

  4. Country of origin: Sadly some countries are less credible than others. France seems to have a ton of fake/reproduction sellers for high end cards and Italy (at least for buyers) is an instant red flag.

  5. Incredibly low price for items that clearly has an obvious market price to it, with exceptions: If the listings is just a bunch of pokemon cards at incredibly low prices, especially PSA, you should be wary of the transaction. If it’s a giant lot and most of the other stuff being sold is like non-related to pokemon, it may just be a clueless seller.

  6. 0 Feedback sellers of super high end stuff is usually a red flag, especially if the listings are of low quality, with no description.

  7. High end products being sold with no description, just a photo coupled with low feedback.

These are the things I can think of at the top of my head! Good luck!


I was meaning more about the identification of a reseal :blush:

I’m much more of a noob for reseals, but here are some threads that either give you a close up of real sealed packs, or had a strong discussion about reseals:


Don’t get your hopes up. I bought a Base Set pack from the same seller last week and within a few days of ‘posting’ he was claiming it might be lost and offering a refund. Looks like he always cancels when he doesn’t get as much as he wanted.


That could actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise in this situation.

Right side looks like it doesn’t have the original crimp(flattened) and is that a rip mark in the middle where the crimping looks less crimpy? Might just be the photo but definitely suspicious.

Thank you everyone for your inputs!

I ended up reaching out to the seller saying that I was not feeling comfortable with the purchase and after close inspection the package does seem to be tampered and that I could confirm that he had problems with those things in the past due to his feedback.

He answered pretty simply by saying he buys and sells several packs and those things might happen, he proceed to cancel the purchase. He didn’t deny it or try to make a problem out of it which for me really validates the tampering.

Well, as is well now.

Thank you!

Wasn’t the price a little cheap?

Yeah it was, but on the phone everything seemed right at first glance and it could have been just a seller dumping it, so I act quickly.

We learn :blush:

Seller definitely knows it was resealed and just hoping for someone who doesn’t know any better.