1st.ed Eevve misprint

Added 2 1st.ed. Eevve misprints to my collection


You should post photos! @mark1963,




Which card is this? I don’t think I’ve heard of an eevee misprint.

i believe it is a d edition error for eevee from the jungle set. much rarer than the butterfree d edition error.

I am trying to post them… I will as soon as I can I figure out how it works I

Here is a link that explains how to upload images:


If you upload them to imgur, just post the links here and I’ll embed them for you!

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I sent it to elite 4 ??

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@mark1963, Upload your photos to this site: imgur.com/

Then past the link here and I will embed them for you!

I have added the link from Imgur to my first post. I am having no luck adding the image. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks @smpratte ,


The link you posted is actually easy to get to display the image all you need is the [ img] and the [/img ] tags. So it would look like this [ img]i.imgur.com/XBPm7s4.jpg[/img ]
or if I took out the spaces inside the it’ll display like so:

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what’s the grade on that bad boy?


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Here’s the link Mark shared, imbedded. Pretty nice card!


How did you come by this card ? Have you seen any others ? How does it compare with a Butterfree d. Is it the same type of error ?

I believe it came from a booster box from years ago… I have multiple butterfree d editions in my collection I still have an unopened booster box from back then still. I would say there is a possibility that there could be more but who knows…