1998 #2 (Kamex Mega Battle)

Hi there,

So today I was peering through my Trophy image archive on my computer and spotted something.
I noticed this a while ago but forgot to mention it;

The 1998 #2 (Kamex Mega Battle) scan that is in the [Pokemon Official Card Book 2000] pictured below has a different text body compared to viper Fox’s 1998 #2 (Kamex Mega Battle)

[Pokemon Official Card Book 2000]

[Viper Fox’s 1998 #2 (Kamex Mega Battle)]

As you can clearly see, the [2] in the body text of Viper Fox’s #2 is in a different position compared with the Official scan. Although the position where the [2] is on Viper Fox’s card is where the other two [2]'s should be when compared with the 1998 #1 & #3 scans. On the 3rd line down, 12 characters across this is where there is not a new line. That is the only difference, there isn’t a new line on the scan compared to Viper’s.

I have tried to find the information regarding this and can’t.

Is the scan in the Official Book 2000 wrong, was this a ‘demo’ scan which had an error (missing new line)? Did they change the body text of these cards half way through production or… I don’t have much else of an explanation.

Any help is appreciated!
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Tournaments -
1st - 1997
2nd - 1997 -1998
3rd - 1998

The last date on the Kamex Mega Battle was - Tokyo, Tokyo on September 3, 1998.

The ‘1999’ is just to make it easier for everyone else but they are truely 1998’s

Yh i just rembered that why i took the post off :blush:.

Yeah I thought so haha.
I’ll leave that post there though just incase someone else forgets too :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… scans in the books snd the CD are special somehow… I remember the Battle road no. 1, 2, 3 trainers were empty because they printed the winners name on them later… So the cards on the CD do not exist actually