153/PCG-P Pikachu - What stamp is this and what does it say?

I came across this 153/PCG-P Pikachu:

(Ignore the played quality…)

Does anyone know where the stamp is from, and what does the text above it state (I can’t read Japanese myself unfortunately)?
I looks like just a stamp anyone could have placed, but I’m still curious where it originates from.


Genki means healthy

It literally looks like a children’s stamp

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Interesting… looks like one of those Hello Kitty characters :blush:

Kinda looks more like a doodle than a stamp.

It’s weird how it goes under the text though

Thanks. :blush:

Well, when I said stamp I didn’t mean the regular Pokémon stamp/prints like these (few taken as example), but more like the stamp you put on the post-stamp of letters, or they put on your hand in some theme parks as prove you’ve entered, or they put on your denied or approved application letters.

It’s probably nothing more than a commercial stamp of some shop in Japan, but I was just wondering if anyone knew which shop/company and what the text said.
Now that I know the text thanks to @pokemontrader , I’m mainly interested to know if anyone has a clue of whom the stamp is?



Lots of different connotations for げんき - but I highly doubt it would be used on a card, especially not with that character/ whatever it is. I wouldn’t say it’s real.