Grey Stamp 1st Edition Neo Genesis

Making my first post :blush:

I noticed this 1st Edition Neo Genesis card had a bit of a grey stamp. Just wondering if this is real? And if anyone has any extra knowledge on it, such as if its any rare or any back story with them?


Gray stamps are created in one of two ways.

  1. During the inking process, the mechanism that applies the stamp has expended most of its ink and the amount that remains has begun to dry, causing a lighter stamp.

  2. The stamp wasn’t all the way dried before the card was packaged, causing some of the stamp to come off on the back of the card in front of it. The part that remains intact creates a lighter stamp.

It could conceivably affect any card but was more common with the earliest cards where QC was the worst.

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Looks real to me. Pretty similar to the grey stamp Neo Genesis Pikachu I have myself. :blush:,

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Thanks for the help @stagecoach, @quuador, . Thought it only happened to Base Set but yeah makes sense it could happen to any set