Where is this non-TCG card from (producer and release year)?

I’ve already posted this funky looking Pikachu & Meowth card in my collection thread. When I saw it for sale on eBay once I couldn’t resist buying it. :relieved: Here a picture of both the front and back (the front is a sticker which can be peeled off):

But, I have no idea what non-TCG card game this is from. The back of the card is almost completely Japanese, so I have no clue what to search for in order to find out where it is from.
I’m primarily interested in two things: who was the producer / what set was it from, and in what year (or even day/month) was it released?


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Uuuuuh I need this**

I almost tought it was a fake card ahahahah, it’s strange that the back has a different pokemon than the front. The only advice I have is trying to to translate the back with Google Translate (since now it works with the camera of the cellphone), but the back doesnt seem to have a name of a company or even a copyright…

Love the art on this, great find!!