Deoxys&Ray/Pikachu&Pichu/Plusle&Minun 3D card - Help


I found and recently purchased a 3D Lenticular card of said Pokemon in the subject. Thought it was really cool and wanted to add it to my collection. Seems to have been released in Japan at the time of the Deoxys film (2004).

However, I can’t find any information on it’s exact release date, how it was released/distributed and what is technically the name of the card. Only snippet I have is the seller said it came from an infants magazine in Japan similar to Corocoro magazines(?). But, they weren’t entirely sure themselves. There is some Japanese on the card, but I can’t translate that which could definitely help in some way.

I’ll post some images below, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

*Can’t get the images to be embedded and show automatically it won’t work for some reason!*

It’s an unnumbered bonus card from the dark, so in a confusing way it isn’t on the deck list on the page, even though it’s the first card in your the pack

Did you check the image? I don’t think this post is about that card if you’re on about the one at the front of the deck.


Whoops. I didn’t click the link. That’s what I get for assuming.

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Its some zukan card, ive got a few like it, along with that one. Nice find

(I think)

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I feel you, @zubat ! I was thinking of the exact same card you were until I clicked on that link. We’re only human after all!

I figured because I had already made a post with the exact same link and deleted it haha.

I addressed your post about these cards in the Giant Japanese Market Thread.

The card you bought is from Shogakukan’s Yochien magazine. Fun card to own.

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