YouTubers: Horrid annoyances from kids?

Hey guys, anyone who runs a YT channel will probably understand this. As of now I have a kid who won’t stop emailing me trade offers on literally every card I show. And it’s stuff like a jumbo Keldeo EX for a PSA 9 Flareon star. I’m pretty tired of this and I’m just wondering if anyone else has this problem? @thorgene @blastoiserules1?

All you can do is kindly tell them you do not think you can agree upon a trade.

That, or try and explain why their Keldeo EX is not worth a PSA 9 Flareon *… :rofl:

Thanks for tagging me lol

Sounds like you gave him you’re email addr? Not sure who’s domain you might be using aol, google, yahoo, etc. Just send his stuff to the spam folder. Another thing i do is block them off youtube, They can view my videos but they can’t comment/message me unless I approve of them first. On the same note I usually do this if they are extremely persistent. Only when it gets out of hand will i ever do this. Are you being Firm when you say no? I had a guy harass me on youtube and ebay about the same items so this isn’t unusual for me.

Just block them or send it to spam! :stuck_out_tongue:

Block them if possible but if they just keep using alt accounts to bypass that, threaten to get the police involved for harassment, hopefully that solves the problem.

I can’t stand the youtube community for pokemon collecting… I’ve had only unpleasant experiences dealing with people directly thru youtube

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cough smgquest cough

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@thorgene Not just the sellers… the users can be so much more annoying as illustrated by the OP

Kids annoy me all of the time because of youtube. How I fixed the problem? I ban them! I had a guy harassing me a few weeks ago. Banned him from my channel, banned him from contacting me, and reported his old ass to youtube. It’s the dicks and assholes that I can’t stand anymore. Enough that I’m starting to loose interest in Pokemon. Hopefully, I won’t quit though… :confused:

Kids annoy me on virbank ><

Pokemon attracts kids, it’s all apart of the hobby we just have to deal with/expect it. It’s like expecting to take a shower and not getting your hair wet. The best way to deal with them is say something direct and with a borderline angry tone but then put a (: at the end of it. Like: Hey could you please stop messaging me, it’s annoying and starting to piss me off, thanks (:

I’ve done this plenty of times and it seems to work b/c it confuses the hell out of them haha

Or you could just agree with them, depending on the situation:

I once had someone post on a sale video I made saying “C’mon man $25 for Pokemon FireRed is just way too much. Dislike”

So I replied: “You’re right (:”

Then I sold it on eBay for $35 and never heard from him again

…Or you could just block them if all else fails

Totally ignore them.
THEIR GOAL IS TO GET A RESPONSE. Don’t let them accomplish that goal.


See, here’s my dilemma. I don’t want to ignore them because hey, they’re my viewers. I also think that it can be pretty fun for a kid to trade with someone they see on YouTube, so I try to make that happen when I can. Only problem is that at least 75% are people who just constantly spam me with trade offers that I would never even consider or want cards that they have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting.

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@thorgene Agreed. Only heard bad things about him. However, @hapycakeoven, it isn’t all bad. I have some very awesome YouTube people who I love to deal with. I’m there for them, and not for the ones that stink.

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What I have done before is to state which cards you would accept for your high end cards. I tell people “I have FA ABC EX for trade. I will only trade it for FA BCD EX, FA EEE EX, or towards shiny pikachu” or the like. If there is a lot you would trade it for just say a FA EX for a FA EX. You can even say “please dont make dumb offers like a common pokemon for an EX or star shiny card”. It should help.

I know this annoying little 12 year old con-artist in my state. He sells his extra packs at a fair price, but its only cuz his parents seem to buy him a box a week. He tried to get my FA Victini EX, promo Jumbo, promo Japanese card worth ~$30, 3 holo rares including 2 very meta ones, AND a Blastoise EX for his 1 FA EX. I plain told him that he was crazy and only 1 FA EX for 1 FA EX is fair, with the exception of a few very popular cards that have higher value. The sad thing is I think this con-man rips the younger kids at school or some TCG events. I try to help protect the other kids at my league and at least they are smart enough to realize a rip when they see it.

Don’t take the troll bait, they wanna piss you off and you’re letting them win :confused:

to be exact youtubers are one reason I started to stop caring for pokemon cards to begin with.many people will see the cards you have true but people dont listen when it comes to trades.often they will message you asking for this or that or something else that you dont even need.there are certain poketubers I am cool with but some annoy the crap out of me

I wonder how Rusty (the Charizard authority) feels about and handles all this. Considering his prolific youtube use, he must get tons of this stuff.


Update: This kid now wants to trade his oversized cards for my Alto Mare’s Latios/Latias…Banned