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A seller lists a PSA card for 100.00. The label has a designation that would make it a 5000.00 card. The difference in the two cards cannot be seen through the PSA case.

The buyer messages the seller and asks if it is the 100.00 or 5000.00 version.

The seller says he doesn’t know and can’t tell through the case.

6 hours later the seller raises the price to 5000.00 so he can research it.

The potential buyer gets angry and says the seller shouldn’t raise the price because they were the one who informed the seller about the situation.

The buyer wants the seller to sell them the card for the 100.00.
The buyer also told the seller to crack it open and check.

It’s unknown whether it was a PSA mistake or not. It may be either version but it’s still unknown.

Remember, there were no bids made at all.


Is the seller obligated under any circumstances, even just morally, to sell that card to the buyer for 100.00?

Who’s side would you vote on and why?

The seller.
It’s his card. And he can do what he wants with it.


My vote goes to the seller. I don’t think he’s obligated, even morally, to sell at the lower price. Without an firm offer from the buyer and acceptance by the seller, there is no contract. The seller has a right to do what he wants with his property.

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Agreed. No bids were made, card is still 100% owned by the seller so imo he can do whatever he likes with it. However maybe a bit more contact between seller/buyer could of helped as well maybe offering to sell it to him at a slightly discounted rate as he would lost alot more just selling it for 100. Interesting topic though…

Im presuming this is in regards to the exegguttor you graded as I saw it on ebay today. Either way no deal has been made at that point so the seller can just say he will keep it until he is sure what it is worth.

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You mention selling it at a slightly discounted rate.
What do you mean? Discount off of 5000.00? Keep in mind,it’s still unknown which version of the card it is.
Thanks for participating:)

If the buyer wanted to buy it at full price and take the risk themselves, they could have. They lost their chance to get the crazy deal when they attempted to eliminate their risk.


Yeah that’s what i meant haha. In that case maybe the seller should just take it down until it is actually comfirmed what version it is. Going to be a whole bigger problem when someone pays 5000.00 and finds out its worth 100.00. I’m still on the sellers side for being able to do what he wants with the card but he could definitely be handling it better.

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Yes m786ali.
It refers to that card.
I bought a different trophy card years ago along with a binder of cards from a customer in Hawaii. I just graded some of the cards from that old deal including this one but I listed it on the submission form as a trainer mag card cause I didn’t know of any different versions. PSA changed it but I didn’t notice and simply listed it at 119.00.
I’m still trying to figure out if it’s glossy or not. I’ve inspected it very closely and even compared it to glossys. Problem is…it’s hard for me to even tell the difference between a coro and ANA matching card. Can’t tell which are Glossy.
I was considering sending it back to PSA for inspection and recasing.

Plus it was listed way lower than any other one current or past.

The seller. His card, his ability to choose his price. The would-be buyer could have jumped on the deal himself and taken that risk. He’s only upset because he may not score a good deal on it.

The seller has every right to accept or deny a potential sale. If no transaction has been made, seller assumes full ownership and responsibility of the item.

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Agree with monkey, should have attempted to minimise the risk rather than completely eliminate it and make $4k+, or just bought it and hoped for the best.

If it was my card, i’d be confirming what it is before selling and if it wound up being the better version, no way i’d be letting it go for 100.

You left it for 6 hours, plenty of time for the buyer to bite the bullet and hope for the best, also you havn’t done anything wrong provided you posted clear pictures etc (which you always do).

If the buyer wants it that badly they could of atleast attempted to split it with you, maybe offer 3000 IF it wound up being the better version, that way he gets 2k off and you get 2900 more than you wanted. Obviously you would not be obliged to accept.

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Here’s how I see it. If the buyer wanted to take a risk, he or she should have. Also, the seller should have researched the difference if it is that significant. There is no obligation on the seller’s part, but I’d maybe give first preference to the original buyer (perhaps at a *small* discount) when the value of the card is determined.

Perfectly said.

Not to mention the buyer had almost negligible risk to begin with ($100 for a card worth twice that and backed by eBay/PayPal’s return policy, give me a break).

Very well stated snap:)

I’m going to mirror @funmonkey54 and say, in business there is always a tradeoff between risk and reward. I think that the buyer, if willing should’ve taken the gamble in the short end, as though the risk was high, the reward would’ve been greater. As soon as they aim to mitigate the risk, the reward also declines…

I think that the seller is in the right.

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The buyer.



Gary, why don’t you tell what REALLY happened?

He could have ASKED me if I would be willing to pay more if it in fact was the TMB - and I would have gladly paid more! But, t he went behind my back and raised the price all the while he didnt even KNOW THAT A TMB VERSION EVEN EXISTED LET ALONE IF IT WAS THAT VERSION. If I had not asked if it was truly TMB as stated on the “PSA label” or the magazine glossy version which was the most likely version, he would have NEVER KNOWN! I chose not to buy it because I thought he was an honest and standup guy who I’ve bought expensive and rare Japanese promos from before. I didn’t think he’d wait several hours and jack up the price without a word back.

Not to mention, I had also asked about Topsun blue backs and some other PSA graded cards, etc as part of the deal, and was WAITING FOR A RESPONSE while he did this number behind my back. Then, CALLED ME AN IDIOT when I called him out.