Xileets' Mitsuhiro Arita Collection



Such good art! Looks like the setting of the book hearkens back to the Jungle Rhyhorn artwork Arita did! Thanks for posting the whole book too, that last panel looks like it’s straight out of the One Punch Man manga :joy:

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Yeah! Haha, I also saw the anime likeness right away. I debated posting the whole book, but it’s not in print, and hard to find, so, Here it is!

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I’m thinking of consolidating all binder pages (chronologically) to the initial post on this thread. I’ll also want to re-binder to a 4x3 and photo each page, so it’s a task I do not relish…

Wish me luck!

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Sheesh, that sounds like a big task. Make sure to grab some adderall coffee.

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You can doooo iittttttttttt! Excited to see the photos when you finish the transfer

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After getting similar opinions from a few others, I’m confident enough to officially include this 2018 PkMn Center Magikarp School Clear File in MY Arita collection, until someone can convince me it’s NOT his work. I’ve actually wanted this for a while, but didn’t grab it when I first had the chance. :cold_face:

  • Shading
  • Colors Usage
  • imitated Texture
  • Light/Shadow Technique

All seem to check-out


I’ve moved the binder cards to a new home, and I’m starting to update and condense the chronology binder images here into the thread’s first post. If you’re curious, check it out! :smile:

Here’s the mudkip family that used to be in that first post…

mudkip chain reverse holo


Book 1 photos, complete! See them and the 5K versions on google photos in the thread’s first post.

Awesome thread @xileets!

I think Magmar sucks but I’ve been looking through these binder pages and these two really stood out to me. I’ll definitely be adding these cards to my collection sometime!

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I said over and over that I’m not adding more reverse holos, but this truly is the last bunch of old WotC rev holos. I put them off because it would have clashed with the old format. But now that I have a 4x3 book, the skyridge set is also reverse holo. Only the Aquapolis rares are non-holo to match the JP McD’s alternates. I did have to clean up the Raikou :face_exhaling: but it kept the cards near my target price. YES!


Haven’t updated in a little bit. Not much to add other than the binder images at the top, but here’s a neat mini binder and more slabs. Didn’t have one of these Manectric yet!


Feels great to update this thread after so long!
A few recent additions, and the whole binder collection is now included in the main post!


Normally, I don’t include re-prints, but the OG starters are good seasoning and a legacy call-back for the binder collection.

And, I’m especially happy with how these recent thumbnails turned out! If you’re interested, I’ve been uploading new vids in my Arita series.