Connor's long-awaited collection thread :)

Connor’s collection thread!
Hi all, I’ve been a member of the forum for over 6 years now and figured I’d finally introduce myself! I’m Connor, and I’ve been a fan of Pokemon for the last 18 years. I got into it via Pokemon Ruby at age 5 in 2003, found the card game soon after, and have played & collected on and off since then. My three main phases were 2003-2007 (my initial discovery of Pokemon until becoming “too cool” for it in middle school); 2010-2012 (when I played the TCG competitively and traveled to Nats and Worlds in 2011); and 2019-now (following a brief obsession with Pokemon Go in 2018).

Throughout my time in school, most of my money went towards playable cards instead of collectible ones, and I gave away a significant chunk of my Pokemon-related items to a friend in 2015 when my family moved. But I luckily kept some of the collection intact, and those items formed the basis of my significant expansion over the past year/year and a half. Most things of value I kept were sealed packs or my ex-era binders, and I’ve pretty much only bought cards since I re-entered.

Let’s kick things off with sealed product! Two videos on Japanese packs, and three on English. Highlights include a relatively near-complete Japanese pack collection, and some harder-to-find sealed English blister packs (as well as an ex Deck Tin and Value Pack). Soon I’ll take some pictures of my binder collections, and show off some other interesting Pokemon products. (Also, next time I plan to film in landscape, lol)




Loved seeing the older blister packs from the ex era. This was about the time I re-entered the hobby after the first of two “too cool for Pokémon” phases, and I could really feel the nostalgia checking out the old TMTA Aggron pack artwork and the Regice HL pack art!

Awesome collection! All the best as you continue to grow it! (:

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Fantastic collection! We have very similar Pokemon trajectories (except competitive MTG for me instead of Pokemon). But besides that nearly identical. Anything early EX Series is also pure nostalgia for me. Whenever I see early EX Series sealed product I immediately feel like I’m at the toy store with my mom in 2003…stronger nostalgia than I’ve felt with any other collecting pursuit. Awesome to see that I’m not the only person who feels this way about the early EX Series lol.

Thank you for sharing your collection and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it!

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Wow great quality collection post, from the format to the content, gj!

Awesome collection! I’m so jealous. I grew up on the ex era series too and just got back into pokemon this July and was so shocked at what prices were at! $200 per blister at least! And now they’ve gone up even more. Really wish I got back in even just 1 year ago as I’ve seen prices were so much lower and really only started exploding after Covid and quarantine started. Like last year PSA 9 ex’s could be picked up for under $50 all day and now most are at least a couple hundred.

Impressive amount of blisters, love the HGSS Ampharos pack.

Nice blister pack goal!

Wicked happy that you finally made one after all this time! Looking forward to seeing what else you’ve obtained in the six years since you joined! :grin:

Awesome packs! Congratulations!


Love Japanese boosters! The artworks are incredible. Very nice mate

Wow, it’s been an embarrassingly long time since my last post… but I wanted to pop back in to showcase some binders featuring Japanese cards I’ve enjoyed over the years. No real rhyme or reason to the selection or the order - just cards I’m a fan of for one reason or another! Soon I’ll post some photos of my graded collection, which has expanded quite a bit since I finished college.


Japanese E Series are pound for pound the best looking cards ever created in my opinion, unique look and incredible artwork. Thanks for sharing

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Nice collection!

adding some graded cards here! almost all of these are Japanese with the exception of a couple of Victory Cups (that I won myself over 10 years ago) at the end