X Y mega EX variants?

Hey, so we all are aware that Japanese mega EX cards have the English attack name printed on the art of the card. And English versions have the Japanese attack name printed on the card.

What is confusing me is why I find the following auction. Is it just an error, a fake card, or are there now all Japanese mega EX cards?? Notice the all Japanese version appears to have a more gold border and gold accents.



It’s just an ultra rare version of Megas. It’s dumb…

Teehee. Callie am I chop liver?

No…I am not liking this! It just makes it harder for collectors!

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Good luck buying the Golden EXes.

The question is …will they do in the English versions also?

One thing that bothers me is the randomness of TCG releases. They seriously should have considered something similar with the release of XY1. When you look at the TCG as a whole, it looks messy and inconsistent. You’d expect a little of that since they are constantly improving the cards but this kind of thing bothers me. Then again, I take OCD and perfectionism to an extreme when I talk about cards (or cleaning)…

just makes me appreciate my wotc era cards :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought 1, ordering 2 more, gonna try see If i can beat the stats